Observations on inequality and inequity in our healthcare system

In September, I presented a resolution to the 2021 Maine Medical Association’s General Assembly, urging support for “the establishment of an equitable, sustainable, comprehensive, affordable, high-quality, publicly-funded universal health care system at the national level, . . . read more »

Mainers need their own health care system

Poor health care access sickens too many Maine people. Even with insurance, high deductibles limit access. Most Maine residents know a friend or family member who suffered unnecessarily or died. This is scary for everyone. . . . read more »

Maine needs universal health care.

This past year and a half coping with the COVID-19 pandemic has clearly brought us face to face with the inadequacies of our health care system. It is a known fact that the U.S. does . . . read more »

Mirror, Mirror 2021: Reflecting Poorly

September 2021 Newsletter Health Care in the U.S. Compared to Other High Income Countries The Commonwealth Fund has released a report comparing and analyzing the the performance of health care systems of 11 high-income countries. Key . . . read more »

Town Resolutions

Woolwich is the latest community to pass a town resolution in support of  universal healthcare. Town resolutions ask for “an equitable health plan that provides every Maine resident with comprehensive medical care from birth to . . . read more »

An Uncommon Cooperation – We Need More of It

BELFAST, ME – On August 4, 2021 Maine AllCare received a significant contribution of $4,753.27 from the Belfast Co-op and their Common Cents round-up program. Every day, the co-op invites shoppers to donate by rounding-up . . . read more »