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Mirror, Mirror 2021:  Reflecting Poorly

September 2021 Newsletter Health Care in the U.S. Compared to Other High Income Countries The Commonwealth Fund has released a report comparing and analyzing the the performance of health care systems of 11 high-income countries. Key . . . read more »

Town Resolutions

Woolwich is the latest community to pass a town resolution in support of  universal healthcare. Town resolutions ask for “an equitable health plan that provides every Maine resident with comprehensive medical care from birth to . . . read more »

An Uncommon Cooperation – We Need More of It

BELFAST, ME – On August 4, 2021 Maine AllCare received a significant contribution of $4,753.27 from the Belfast Co-op and their Common Cents round-up program. Every day, the co-op invites shoppers to donate by rounding-up . . . read more »

Universal healthcare bill enacted in Maine

At the end of June, the Maine Health Care Act LD 1045 became law without the Governor’s signature. Two key components of the new law are the Maine Health Care Plan and the Maine Health Care . . . read more »

Maine should move toward universal care

“The pandemic has taught us the importance of a government willing to take responsibility for the health of the governed…..As a primary care physician, I implore Gov. Mills to join the states seeking to establish . . . read more »

June 2021 Newsletter

Universal healthcare bill passes Maine House and Senate on party lines LD 1045 is passed as amended, and proceeds to Governor Mills for her signature The amended LD1045 establishes the Maine Health Care Plan to provide . . . read more »

The Sassaman Report: A Public Hearing on LD1045

On May 12th, the Maine State Legislature held a public hearing on LD 1045, An Act to Support Universal Health Care. LD 1045 aligns completely with Maine AllCare’s key principles for health care legislation. It . . . read more »

Let’s go all out for universal health care in the US

As published in Common Dreams: We should continue to vigorously advocate for a universal publicly funded privately delivered health care system at every level throughout America—state as well as national. An article last week . . . read more »

Another step forward on LD1045

On May 21st, the Health Coverage, Insurance and Financial Services committee voted 7-3 “ought to pass” on an amended LD1045.  LD 1045 would establish the Maine Health Care Plan to provide universal health care coverage . . . read more »