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A true feel-good experience – Ellsworth American A true feel-good experience Dear Editor: A small businessman, a retired physician, a legislator and a former nurse walked into a bar … well, not a bar, but . . . read more »

Legislative Task Force Making Progress

Supporters have turned out in force for meetings of the Maine legislative Task Force on Healthcare in Augusta. They meet in the Cross State Office Building, 111 Sewall St., Augusta, Maine. Three study groups are . . . read more »

LTE re Hannafords Healthcare Needs

Portland Chapter Leader, Dan Bryant, shared his thoughts with the readers of the Portland Press Herald about health insurance issues facing Hannafords and its workers. Employment-based health insurance, now covering 56 percent of the nonelderly population, . . . read more »

Maine AllCare at the Bangor Women’s March

Our Board members and other supporters were out in strength for the Women’s March in Bangor. Good to see Geoff Gratwick, Moira O’Neill and Jonathan Fulford among others.

O’Neill addresses Machias Rotary

Moira O’Neill, a MAC Board member, addressed the Machias Rotary January, 2018. The text of her remarks follow: Could Maine offer universal health care? by Sarah Craighead Dedmon Recently, members of the Machias Rotary club . . . read more »

Medicare-for-All Tax Would Be Cheaper for Employers

Earlier this year, billionaire investor Warren Buffett observed that “medical costs are the tapeworm of American economic competitiveness.” Volk Packaging Corporation President Derek Volk, in his Nov. 17 letter to the editor, echoes this concern: . . . read more »

Mainers Deserve a Liferaft

This essay by Dr. Bill Clark appeared in the November 24, 2017 issue of The Times Record, Brunswick, Maine: Mainers Deserve a Liferaft BY BILL CLARK Maine AllCare is a non-partisan, not-for-profit group that . . . read more »