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Sept. 2022 Newsletter: Medicare Advantage

Sign in reds on white background that says Love It! Improve It! Medicare for All!
Medicare Advantage: Digging Deeper In our June newsletter we focused on problems associated with Direct Contracting Entities (DCEs), ACO-REACH, and Medicare Advantage, how these programs threaten traditional Medicare, and stories of people who’ve suffered because . . . read more »

LTE: Facility fee bill only a stopgap

Letter to the editor by Larry Kaplan, M.D., MPA, published in the Portland Press Herald on September 7: Facility fee bill only a stopgap—Maine needs universal health care  

LTE: Profit has no place in health care

In a letter-to-the-editor published by the Portland Press Herald on August 27, Maine AllCare board chair Karen Foster responded to recent articles by reporter Joe Lawlor highlighting the “byzantine” system of medical billing and how . . . read more »

August 2022 Newsletter: Medical billing nightmares

Woman with dark hair and wearing dark shirt holds hands up to head in anxiety and frustration
August 31, 2022 ‘Confused, frustrated, helpless’: How medical billing impacts Maine people An August 21 article by health reporter Joe Lawlor in the Portland Press Herald delves into the “byzantine” system of medical billing in . . . read more »

June 2022 Newsletter: Medicare at risk

Medicare at risk Medicare is a successful and popular program, a publicly funded health care system that serves millions of seniors and disabled Americans by focusing on health care, not profit. But ongoing efforts to . . . read more »

May 2022 Newsletter: MaineHealth-Anthem dispute

Surprised, confused or outraged by a medical bill? The Portland Press Herald wants to hear from you. Click here to tell your story. Maine Healthcare Action suspends Resolve effort Maine Healthcare Action announced in April . . . read more »