This winter, Maine Senator Craig Hickman introduced a bill that would begin the process of adding a right to health care to Maineā€™s constitution. The resolution (LD 590) is co-sponsored by Senate President Troy Jackson, House Speaker Rachel Talbot Ross, and others and was referred to the Health Coverage, Insurance and Financial Services Committee (HCIFS) in February.

HCIFS will hold a public hearing on LD 590 on Tuesday, May 9.
Maine AllCare supports this bill and encourages you to testify at the public hearing (in person or via Zoom) or submit written testimony.

What: Public hearing on LD 590, “RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine to Establish a Right to Health Care”
When: Tuesday, May 9, 1 pm
Where: Via Zoom or in person at the Cross Building, Room 220 (or submit written testimony online)
How: Register to participate via Zoom, or submit written testimony on the Legislature’s website. Info on directions and parking.

See our guide to preparing and submitting testimony.

If your legislator is a sponsor or co-sponsor of LD 590, you can also thank them for doing so:

Sponsor: Sen. Craig Hickman, Kennebec
Co-sponsors: House Speaker Rachel Talbot Ross (Portland), Senate President Troy Jackson (Aroostook), Sen. Donna Bailey (York), Sen. Henry Ingwersen (York), Sen. Michael Tipping (Penobscot), Rep. Poppy Arford (Brunswick), Rep. Benjamin Collings (Portland), Rep. William Pluecker (Warren), Rep. LaSupica (Bangor).

The committee will consider several other bills on May 9 as well. Some members of MAC will testify about specific issues with specific bills. Note that if you would like to testify on any bills in addition to LD 590, you will need to go through the process to register and/or submit testimony separately for each bill.