Jonathan Fulford

Jonathan Fulford
Monroe ME
Term: February 2017 — December 2019 (1)

Jonathan Fulford grew up fishing in ponds and tromping through woods. After graduating high school, he started a vegetable farm and fruit tree nursery with his brother in Monroe. After marrying and having his first child, the struggles of supporting his family by farming led him to focus more on carpentry. He started his first building partnership in the late 80s. He spent the next 25 years raising children and building houses.

Jonathan lives in Monroe with his wife Chris in a house he built. He continues to run Artisan Builders in partnership with his son and his step-daughter. His two stepsons have continued the family passion for farming, starting North Branch Farm in Monroe with their families. Jonathan’s life has been defined by his commitment to his family and his community, his love of the outdoors, and his entrepreneurial spirit.

“As a small businessman, I have experienced first-hand the challenges we face in providing good paying jobs, keeping our best workers, and growing our businesses. We need to increase the minimum wage to keep pace with the cost of living and build a skilled workforce so businesses can grow and prosper. We also need truly affordable health care for every Maine family, because only a healthy state can be productive and competitive.”