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From Pitchfork Economics (time 46:52)

The podcast is a testament to a society that makes healthcare and other government financed services available to all, resulting in a truly free society. I think this concept could be very powerful in helping Maine AllCare to develop truly effective messaging. - Phil Caper

Contrary to popular belief, Nordic countries aren’t actually socialist! No, friends, the Nords are capitalists—but they pull it off much better than we do. To help re-imagine American capitalism, writers Anu Partanen and Trevor Corson join us this week all the way from Finland.

Anu Partanen is a journalist and the author of The Nordic Theory of Everything. The book debunks some of the most common myths about Nordic societies and discusses what the United States might be able to borrow from aspects of Nordic success in the twenty-first century. She has written for The New York Times and The Atlantic

Slaying The 'Fee-for-Service Monster' Of American Healthcare

From NPR;  Shankar Vedantam, Tara Boyle, Parth Shah, and Jennifer Schmidt

In the United States, healthcare providers are typically paid based on services provided. The more tests a patient undergoes, the bigger the bill.

Vivian Lee, a radiologist and healthcare executive, says this fee-for-service business model needs to be reconsidered.

"You're rewarding people doing things to other people. And actually, in many cases, you're rewarding that regardless of whether it actually improves a person's health. So as long as you do a lot of procedures, as long as you poke and prod patients and do more colonoscopies or operations or administer expensive chemotherapeutic agents, the more you do to them, the more money you make."

Lee is the author of The Long Fix: Solving America's Health Care Crisis With Strategies that Work for Everyone. On this episode of Hidden Brain, Lee joins us to examine how American medicine became so profit driven, and to discuss ways to reach the best health outcomes at the lowest price.


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