Bangor City Council Passes Healthcare Resolution

BANGOR COUNCIL PASSES HEALTHCARE RESOLUTION: Becomes First Municipality in Maine since 2001 to Support Equitable Healthcare

Bangor, Maine

The Bangor City Council has approved unanimously a resolution urging  the Maine Legislature to create an equitable healthcare system for the state and all its residents. The passing of the resolution, initially presented by members of the Bangor chapter of Maine AllCare, makes Bangor the first municipality in Maine since Portland in 2001, to support the concept of healthcare for all.  The recent Bangor resolve is the first to direct the Maine Legislature to take action.

The resolution was passed without debate during the February 10 council meeting, at which several Maine AllCare members were present.  You can view the resolution or download a copy HERE

“We appreciate the support of the Bangor City Council in our efforts, and we hope passage of the resolution will encourage other cities and towns to do the same,” said Andrew Sarto of Bangor, chapter president. “We see healthcare as a basic human right, and we want to see that concept reflected in the way that Maine creates its healthcare delivery system.”

Maine AllCare is a statewide organization composed of health care providers, business owners, and concerned citizens who want to see the state create a fair and equitable healthcare system for all residents. The organization supports a healthcare system that is efficient, financially sound, politically sustainable with benefits for all.

The Bangor chapter has been working on several projects, including making presentations to businesses and participating in local events such as the annual Bangor Pride Festival. Members appeared as individuals before a council committee and workshop to promote the resolution.

The Bangor chapter of Maine AllCare meets on the second Saturday of each month and welcomes new members. For more information about the Bangor chapter, please contact Andrew Sarto at

If you would like to present a similar resolution at your Town Council, please contact Abbie Ryder at