Universal healthcare on the agenda at Maine Medical Association 2021 annual meeting

Support from physicians is critical in advancing the cause of universal healthcare in Maine.

When the Maine Medical Association met for their annual meeting in September 2021, members of the Maine AllCare board were on hand to talk about universal health care, why it is critical for Maine, and how it could happen at the state level.

Dr. Julie Pease, a MAC founder and longtime MMA member proposed a resolution urging support for “the establishment of an equitable, sustainable, comprehensive, affordable, high-quality, publicly-funded universal health care system at the national level, as well as for comparable legislation at the state level.”

The theme for this year’s annual meeting was “Equality, Equity, and Our Evolving Health Care System.”

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Call to Action

Your help is needed to get universal healthcare on the ballot in Maine

Maine Healthcare Action is making a final push to gather the needed signatures to put a universal healthcare resolve on the ballot in November 2022. Reporter Caitlin Andrews covered this effort in a recent Bangor Daily News article.

A BDN poll connected to the article indicates 68% support for healthcare for everyone in Maine. Read more

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Voices of Maine

Maine needs universal health care

Gail Eaton, a member of the Maine AllCare greater Brunswick chapter and Maine Health Care Action volunteer, lays out how Maine can be a leader in universal health care in an October letter to the editor in the Bangor Daily News.

“This past year and a half coping with the COVID-19 pandemic has clearly brought us face to face with the inadequacies of our health care system. … We spend more per capita than just about any other industrialized country and yet the quality of that care ranks almost dead last.”

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Write a letter to the editor in support of universal healthcare. Check out this guidance on how to write an effective letter–and why they are so important. Please send us a link if your letter is published.

More on why physicians need universal healthcare, too

Below is a selection of articles from past newsletters on how physicians are affected by our current health care system.

Simon G. Talbot and Wendy Dean, Stat, July 2018

“We believe that burnout is itself a symptom of something larger: our broken health care system. The increasingly complex web of providers’ highly conflicted allegiances — to patients, to self, and to employers — and its attendant moral injury may be driving the health care ecosystem to a tipping point and causing the collapse of resilience.”

15-minute visits take a toll on physician-patient relationships

PBS News Hour, April 2014

“By all accounts, short visits take a toll on the doctor-patient relationship, which is considered a key ingredient of good care, and may represent a missed opportunity for getting patients more actively involved in their own health.”

Physician burnout, interrupted

Pamela Hartzband, M.D. and Jerome  Groopman, M.D., New England Journal of Medicine, June 2020

“[The] data lead to the inescapable conclusion that currently proposed solutions do not address the underlying problem: a profound lack of alignment between caregivers’ values and the reconfigured health care system.”

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Physicians’ Proposal

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