August 11 2018 Ellsworth/MDI Minutes

                                            Minutes – Ellsworth/MDI MAC August 11, 2018

Present: Jeff Dunn, Valerie Dornan, Bruce Becque, Phil Bailey, Sam Bergman

1)  Phil presents “exciting” things that are happening:

  1. a) house parties on the rise
  2. b) Chris and Abby getting more events organized

2)  A go-around-the-table w/ each of us telling the others about “something goodhappening in our lives.” Swapping stories…”Getting to know you….”

3) Phil suggests that we do pursue establishing an MDI chapter. Jeff Dunn has spoken with dozens of people on MDI (Jeff lives on MDI) and reports that the majority of people are sympathetic to our cause. However, being already heavily civically-involved, people seem reluctant to join another organization. We shall see what opportunities present themselves….

4) Phil points out that we need to build membership involvement. Instead of having “meetings” we have a potluck dinner. Get 6 or 7 people to commit to bringing dishes, as well as bringing a guest or two. Bruce has offered his house for a potluck dinner in September. This will replace the regular monthly meeting. The date will be Saturday 09/15. Start time 6pm.

5) Reach out to members via personal contact. What isn’t working for you? What would you like to see in the group? Get people to take on tasks. People need to feel productive. People need to feel that they are part of accomplishing something.

6) Phil passed out “CLYNK” bags (the proceeds of which are donated to Maine AllCare) for returnable beverage bottles & cans. CLYNK operates out of all Hannaford stores. Anyone who uses these bags effectively makes a donation to MAC.

7) Acadia Senior College is sponsoring a Maine AllCare presentation at Birch Bay Village on January 27th. Arrive at 11:30am for lunch. Presentation at 12 noon. Birch Bay Village is a retirement/transitional living community located in Hulls Cove of Bar Harbor, ME.

8) Bruce is collecting money to go toward membership in the Ellsworth Area Chamber of Commerce. $105 (of $163) has been raised so far. Bruce will send out another email to the membership. Phil suggested doing fundraising via Facebook.

9) Jeff Dunn gave a presentation re: Universal healthcare in Germany. Interestingly, universal healthcare was established by Kaiser Bismark in the 1890s because he understood that a healthy workforce would be good for the nation. Although Germany has universal healthcare, it does not use the single-payer model – there are 223 health insurance companies!!! They are for-profit, but their premiums are highly regulated and uniform across the board. There was lots more information…too much for this secretary to successfully transcribe here!!!

10) Bruce went to a Single Payer Healthcare conference in Minneapolis, MN on June 23, 2018. Lots of good information and enthusiasm. Bruce especially liked an exercise on communication. He will give a demonstration at the potluck party.

11) Meeting adjourned at 5pm. Thanks again to the Beth Wright Cancer Resource Center for allowing us to use their facilities gratis!!!

The next meeting will be a potluck supper at Bruce Becque’s house on September 15th at 6 PM.  If  you wish to attend, please contact Valerie Dornan at