April 26 2018 Greater Brunswick Area Minutes

4-26-18 Minutes, etc. Greater Brunswick Area Chapter, Maine AllCare

5:30 – 7 PM, Unitarian Universalist Church, Brunswick, Maine



Many chapter members who are willing to work / volunteer cannot attend meetings (or don’t like meetings- we understand!).  Consult “GET ACTIVE” at the top of meeting minutes, from now on.  Contacts are named, details in minutes (Bill can give you email addresses).


How YOU can help Maine AllCare cover all Mainers

  • Attend May (date TBD- stand by) LD1274 Study Grp meeting; Augusta-Bill
  • May 18-19 Volunteer-tabling @Dem convention, Lewiston. 3 hr shifts-Bill
  • Sign up endorsers-biz or organization -Bill
  • Table at primaries in June
  • Suggest a venue for a presentation/event-Bill
  • Table at Farmer’s Mkt- or other community event-Bill
  • Agree to host House Party-Marla
  • Suggest a person to serve on MAC Board-Bill

******************************************************************************************************Present 5/3: Bill Clark, Jean Sawyer, Susan Kamin, Poppy Arford, Virginia Derr

  • Introductions, agenda review
  • Review minutes, 3/29- no changes suggested


  • New member, Dr. Jeff Dunn. Candidate will attend Bd mtg next week- Peter Wood, Tposham. Bill has an email out to Dr. Dora Mills. There are still a couple of open spots.  RECRUIT!
  • STKF GRANT- info on utilization/ disbursements after Bd Mtg May 3
  • LD1274 Study Grp: 4/2 mtg not dramatic. (13 of 16 members replied to internal survey.  9/13 think all Maine residents should be required to have health care coverage and most believe that cost should be income based.  All 13 respondents agree affordability is an issue. 12/13 agree that accessibility is an issue.)
  • HCHR Coalition: Active Next mtg is May 1.

Chapter work:

  • Progress on goals (Goals in () )


Since last mtg. Bill went to the Landing YMCA- but no one showed 🙁 ; Marla talked w psychologists.

                                Endorsers: (30 biz, 15 orgs)

Since last mtg. Marla has a couple pending. No report from Rob, who was to check Rising Tide.

                                Sign up individuals: (50/1000).

House Parties:

(3/10) Debbie (summer)/ Susan (May 2) /Bill (TBD) will host in coming weeks/ months            (Susan will have the Ideal Maine Social Aide and Sanctuary Band present!!) (credit 3 toward goal)

                                Fund Raising No action

  • Poppy suggested that we have a summer event/ mtg/ House party at her home, and ask her friend from Sweden to tell her story; perhaps we could get Eloise Vitelli’s daughterinlaw (also Swedish) to come, and also show our “10’ Sweden” movie…..Poppy will chk with her friend- please think about this for next mtg.
  • All invited—Please attend! 5/1 Bowdoin College (“Current Issues Regarding Your Healthcare in America: Why College Students Should Care”, 7pm, Searles 315
  • April 8 Maine Maritime Museum Dem Gubernatorial Cand Forum Strong support for Med for All by M Eves, Betsy Sweet, others less, but all worried about HC
  • Anyone interested to call Art Shea re the Waldo County “bash” on May 12? Could we do something like this? No one at the meeting volunteered.
  • Bill will contact Bath Y (Bath central) about a possible discussion there.
  • At suggestion from Marla, Bill asked Board about making a MAC video (along the lines of the “Sweden” video from the WW Chapt of PNHP – Bd said “later”
  • Bill asked Bd about Bernie Sanders in Maine: Board decided to wait ‘til we have admin help, and involve Troy Jackson as well. Don L gave us contact info.
  • Together we watched a YT video (Healthcare Triage, Canada” ~7 minutes) all felt it is good enough to show at meetings, and it effectively counters myths about SP in Canada.
  • Although (at prior mtg) we agreed to pursue more of “how to talk with ‘resistant’ questioner” as time allowed, we did not do so at this meeting…


  • Marla and Poppy are working on rotary presentations– Please contact one of them if you are willing to make contact with a rotary rep and try to arrange a brief presentation/ event. Most Rotaries have weekly meeitngs, so they need speakers!! Bath   Noon Rotary (Tues), Bath Sunrise Rotary (1st/3rd Fri), Brunswick Rotary (Mon-Poppy has made contact), Rotary Club of Topsham (Mon 7am)
  • New “mantra” for PNHP/HlthCare Now NIMA- National Improved Medicare for ALL
  • http://conference.lowninstitute.org/ April 9  Poppy reported a major focus on other countries’ systems-“every system needs tweaks, no system is perfect…but the USA has much further to go than ANY other country!”
  • 4/14 Southern Maine Workers Center annual mtg; apparently no one attended
  • NYT 4/11: “Black infants in America are now more than twice as likely to die as white infants, a disparity that is wider than it was in 1850, 15 years before the end of slavery”
  • Bill read from Nurses laudatory / thank you Ltr to K Ellison D. MN, who has assumed sponsorship for HR676 after John Conyers stepped down. The ltr has a couple of paragraphs that summarize HR676 very well.
  • New poll, Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation

Q: Do you support or oppose having a national health plan–or a single-payer plan–in which all Americans would get their insurance from a single government plan?

51%  Support  43%  Oppose  04%  Don’t know  02%  Refused  Note that people are so unhappy that they are willing to have “the government” take over!!

 NEXT MEETING:  5/31 Thursday 530, UUCB.  We will consider our summer schedule then