April 25 2018 Portland Minutes


April 25, 2018, 7 PM

Present: Dan Bryant, chair, Delene Perley, Elizabeth Oatley, secretary, Dee Cundy, Ed Cundy, Audrey Briggs, Nancy Bogg.

Approved March 28, 2018 Minutes

Board update-Delene

  • Applications for executive director are coming in.
  • The Belfast area chapter is planning a big “do” on May 12th at the Boathouse-movie, games, prizes, etc. They had a question about insurance.
  • Washington state is doing a big initiative (1-1600) that has a lot of good material online. Dan was there recently and asked around and found that many people still knew nothing of it.
  • Jeff Dunn is a new Board member. His bio can be seen on the MAC website.
  • Geoff Gratwick reported on the Task Force.
  • Chris Cayer gave his final report on last year.
  • There is a “Healthcare-Now!” event in Minneapolis June 22-24. Anyone can go. Emphasis is on Single Payer Strategy. Delene will post it on the website.
  • Newsletter is still not getting to everyone. It’s also on the website.

Recent chapter actions/involvements

  • Health Care Task Force: Ed’s notes were excellent. Next date TBA.
  • Tricia Riley’s presentation was attended by Delene, Nancy, Dee & Ed. They asked some questions. They do not consider her a supporter, but rather an incrementalist. Ed asked her to consider that at some point there may be a tipping point when increments are no longer possible.
  • LTE: Thanks to Nancy O’Hagan, Chuck Radis for theirs
  • Candidate questionnaire: Dan reported. Jan Chapman researched and compiled a list of ca. 90 primary candidates in Cumberland County. Dan and Jan handled emailing the questionnaire to them. We discussed how to publicize the responses and encouraged Dan to write a piece for the paper, perhaps a “Maine Voices” and the free papers.

Future actions/involvements/opportunities

  • Health Care Task Force meeting – TBA
  • HCHR- Audrey was unable to attend last month but will next month.
  • OLLI- We discussed Martha’s idea of a presentation and thought perhaps a Brown Bag Lunch would be most do-able.

Current actions

Signature gathering

  • Democratic Convention May 18-19: Volunteers have signed up on Hillary Barter’s Google sheet. Materials will be delivered to appropriate volunteers via Delene to Bill Clark to Eileen Manglass.
  • Primaries June 12: Dee has decided on a list of 4 polling sites to staff in 3-hour blocks and ask Hillary to put up another Google doc sign-up. We need to send an eBlast to members who volunteered for tabling which means someone (Dan?) needs to learn how to do that. David Wilcock and Audrey will take care of the Falmouth site.

Ed brought up a privacy concern often expressed by people as we collect signatures. We don’t share any of the information, but he did research and will continue to research the Nation Builder policies.

Next meeting – May 23, Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist church, 7 PM

Elizabeth Oatley, Secretary