April 18 2018 Kennebec County Minutes

4/18/2018- Maine AllCare, Kennebec County Chapter- Drew House, Augusta (5:30-7pm)

Convening: Marilyn McWilliams
Present: Dr. Phil Caper (board member), Valerie Dornan (Hancock County AllCare), Fran and
Ron Senecal, Susan Manning, Phyllis Capanna, Andi Parkinson.
Absent: Dr. Alan Ross

M McWilliams: Send a copy of the meeting minutes to Delene Perley, who is in charge of
communications. Kennebec Chapter will want to reach out to Holly Widener (retired, Colby).
Caring for sick daughter presently.

V Dornan: Saw similar shrinking of membership in Ellsworth to what Augusta is experienceing
now; encourages resiliency.

P Caper: Review of Legislative Healthcare Task Force work on 4/2/18. 16 members to task
force, representing balanced approach. Audience members able to testify. Established to figure
out how to get healthcare to ALL Mainers. No funding within. 3 of 4 originally agreed upon
meetings conducted so far. Per Senator Angus King, healthcare is the #1 issue he hears about
from constituents… discussion about how voter pressure and elections are KEY to eventual

Task force now expanding to 8 meetings, state kicking in some $. First 4 were funded via
private donations. 4th will be in May? (Note from Andi: Not listed on Maine AllCare calendar as
of 5/7/18)

Next meeting should include time for public comment.

Washington DC Stat- 7 fold increase in healthcare costs since ACA implementation- not related
to ACA, simply due to markets and needs. Opioid crisis, lack of access. Need to broaden
support- reframing as a business and workforce concern.

F Senecal: Has been conducting discussions with the public locally to get endorsements from
Winthrop area businesses.

General Discussion: Big $$ interests against universal healthcare (insurance, pharmaceutical
companies). Canada, Europe baffled by US resistance; see this as a no-brainer. Canada
passed it province by province, after initial resistance, including a Dr strike. Within a decade,
came to love UHC. Reference to “Sick Around the World” film (Dr Ross has Kennebec Co’s
copy). No centralized program- each province has its own plan, splitting costs 50-50 with the
Canadian federal government, under Canadian Health Act.

House parties discussed for film viewings. More on this as membership grows. Fran willing to
host, once house renovations complete.

Maine AllCare News: A grant for $50k was received from the Stephen and Tabitha King
Foundation. Growth of 3 chapters to 10 statewide since last year, as momentum gains and
awareness. Check newsletter for details. Starting process to hire statewide campaign manager.

P Capanna: Questions regarding organizing (comes from marketing background).
1. Who are we trying to get to join us?
2. How do we reach out?

Strategic planning necessary for success- find biggest single issue as discussion point. Create
the need- make people take ownership.

F Senecal: Parkland organizing model. Using social media as moving public opinion,
connecting people with information, directing them to actions. Using aging parents, neighbors as
illustrating need for UHC.

M McWilliams: Send out minutes, along with Maine AllCare key elements page, with online
invitations to join. Once more members join, create teams to work on specific asks/ actions:
LTEs (letters to the editor), 1:1 conversations in public (canvassing, public events, farmers’
markets, community gatherings), elections/ polling stations. (NOTE ON ALL POLLING
STATIONS: Need to obtain permission from town officials beforehand)

Can build the teams online via NationBuilder.

Will need volunteers gathering signatures at Maine Dem Convention and June 12th primary
locations, collecting yellow cards.


May: Send out email asking for June polling location volunteers.

Andi to connect MCOA (Maine Council on Aging) with Maine AllCare. Reach out to N Cloutier, G
Mason- young GOP.

Fran to connect with Maine State Retirees.

Valerie to connect with Thomas College, Ellen Wells ( ewells@ems.org ) re World of Women’s
Wellness Day. Will also look into UMA, other college groups locally.

July: Date for invitations (???)

Next Meeting: May 16th (Wednesday), 5:30-7pm,  Olsen Room of Drew House, Augusta UU Church, 6 Summer St., Augusta