Between a rock and a hard place 

Burnout, workforce distress, moral injury: These terms have different shades of meaning but all point to a growing crisis in medical workers, many of whom are experiencing exhaustion, depression, anxiety, and unbearable physical and emotional stress due to the demands of their work.

Many factors contribute to this crisis, but a major one is the corporate takeover of our health care system over the past several decades, with a focus on maximizing profit and revenue that overshadows caring for patients. The physicians, nurses, and other health care workers who care for us are increasingly pressured to boost revenue, making it harder and harder to give patients the care they need.

This crisis has been building for years. It predates Covid-19, but the pandemic has exacerbated it. Dr. Phil Caper, a retired internist and founding board member of Maine AllCare, wrote about the industrialization of medicine and how patients have become “consumers,” and physicians have become “providers” in an opinion piece in the Bangor Daily News in 2015 that, sadly, is still relevant today. In fact, the problem has gotten worse, not better.

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Maine AllCare has created an online forum for health care practitioners interested in health care reform. If you are interested in joining, please contact Dan Bryant.

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Your Voice

“At some point, most of us who entered medicine for altruistic reasons find ourselves providing a declining quality of care. We find that we have become a high-speed data entry person for the various corporations that decide how we practice medicine – the insurance companies, the drugmakers, even the corporations that run the practices and hospitals. … In response to our feedback and calls for change, we are told that we must be more ‘resilient.’”

–Deborah Patten in an opinion piece in the Portland Press Herald, 4/9/23

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Maine AllCare News

HealthCare for All Maine, the political and advocacy arm of Maine AllCare, held six Lunch & Learns with Maine legislators this winter focused on “Improving Health Care in Maine: What Can We Do?” Topics included the level of complexity and waste in our current system, impacts on businesses, and rural health.

Visit the HCAM website for summaries of each talk and links to the materials shared during the sessions.

Call to Action

Help Stop REACH and protect original Medicare

Improved Medicare for All is one way to reach our goal of health care for everyone in Maine—Everybody In, Nobody Out. But efforts to privatize original Medicare threaten the existence of this popular publicly funded, not-for-profit, single-payer system.

Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP) is campaigning hard to stop ACO REACH, which went into effect in January.

Learn more and join this campaign on our website.

Proposed constitutional amendment

Maine Senator Craig Hickman recently introduced a bill that would begin the process of adding a right to health care to Maine’s constitution. The bill (LD 590) is co-sponsored by Senate President Troy Jackson, House Speaker Rachel Talbot Ross, and others and has been referred to the Health Coverage, Insurance and Financial Services Committee. We’re watching this bill closely and will alert you if it comes up for a public hearing or there are other opportunities to take action in support.

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What we’re reading and listening to 

How Healthcare Affects Physicians
Online forum with Drs. Ed Weisbart and Carol Paris, early-career physicians, and medical students hosted by the University of Tennessee Health Science Center chapter of Students for a National Health Program (SNaHP is the medical student organization connected with PNHP).

Fix Moral Injury: Nonprofit organization, book, podcast, webinars
Dr. Wendy Dean and colleagues are on a mission to raise awareness of moral injury in health care and what we can do about it. They stop short of advocating for some form of universal, publicly funded health care, which would address many of the goals they’ve identified.

Salve Lucrum: The Existential Threat of Greed in U.S. Health Care
Don Berwick
Journal of the American Medical Society
“Greed harms the cultures of compassion and professionalism that are bedrock to healing care. … health care professionals in all disciplines need to become noisier about the conflict between unchecked greed and the duty to heal.”

Human Connection
The Lown Institute
“We must restore the art of healing to its rightful place at the center of our health system. That means providing adequate time for clinicians to listen and talk to patients, reducing administrative burdens, and liberating clinicians from business concerns that draw their focus away from the distressed and vulnerable human being who is their patient.”

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