September 28 2018 Sacopee Valley Minutes



Meeting held at Limerick Free Library
Wednesday, September 26, 2018


Present:  Abbie Ryder, Cliff Krolick, Linda Marsh, Joy Collacott, Michael Meehan, Joseph Duclos, Peter Zack, Margaret Zack, Joe McHugh, Martha Morrison, Alec Walker, Denise Crooker, Linda Sudlow

Meeting opened at 7pm.

Introductions were made from all present, including personal thoughts on why they wanted to be part of the Chapter and what they hoped to achieve.

A volunteer was requested to take role of scribe – Joy Collacott volunteered.

Abbie Ryder, Regional Coordinator for Maine All Care, was introduced to the group by Cliff Krolick.  Abbie gave an overview of Maine All Care, her role as Regional Coordinator and the structure of the organization.  She explained that its inception in 2010 started with a round table of health care professionals for Universal Health Care.  Now 65% of health care professionals are in support.  Maine All Care is building a grassroots network.  From 5 Chapters with 5,000 supporters, to presently 30,000 supporters and 12 Chapters.  Sacopee Valley Chapter is 3rd new Chapter this year.

What does a Chapter Do? 

– look for local events to talk to the community.  Community members to community members most effective. Chapter should decide where and what events.

– each Chapter is provided with a film library.  Members can check them out and public can be invited to view them and questions answered.  Misinformation dispelled.

– data entry of names signed up on yellow supporter cards.

– ideas for fundraising.   Local businesses can participate in 1% to support Healthcare campaign.

Open discussion included :

– what funding was necessary.  Abbie explained that a $50,000 grant from Stephen and Tabitha King had been received for the feasibility study.  Grant proposals are being written and large donors solicited. If we were to pursue a referendum it would require heavy fundraising upwards of $2 million for a citizens referendum, including the education campaign, necessary law team, cost of printing petitions, hired staff etc.

–  What is Universal Health care for all Mainers?  Abbie explained it is coverage for all Maine citizens not covered by any other federal program. Everyone in, nobody out,  preexisting conditions would not restrict coverage.  A legislative task force is researching health care programs in other states, e.g. Colorado,California, Maryland, Vermont, Massachusetts and other countries. A senator went to Iceland and realized that it was more cost effective for Iceland to cover all people, which is a good sign that the conversation is changing.  Film “Sick Around The World” shows different health systems around the world and will be in Chapter film library.

– How would this health care be paid for?  Some sort of tax based system, much more cost effective.

– How many supporters needed? Ideally 200,000.  Hope to have 50,000 in data base by end of December.  for a signature drive you would need 10% of last gubernatorial election voter turnout.

– How do we get people signed up?  All given yellow sign up cards and will try to get signatures.

Chapter Roles – volunteers solicited.

Chapter Chair – Cliff Krolick

Co Chair  – Linda Marsh

Scribe – Joy Collacott

Data Czar  – TBD

Discussion regarding Election Day tabling.  Town Clerks in Hiram, Fryeburg, Parsonsfield and Waterboro have agreed to have tables.  Porter and Limerick are other possibilities and we will try to solicit permission.

Volunteers need for shared table with Oxford County Democrats at Fryeburg Fair.  Various shifts open.  Members will contact Cliff if able to volunteer.

Cliff discussed Elder Care in Maine – a cooperative business model by local people for in home care and nursing care.

Meeting adjourned at 8.30 pm

Next Meeting – 24th October at 7pm   Limerick Library