September 2017 – Greater Brunswick Area Meeting Minutes

September 2017 Greater Brunswick Area Minutes

(formerly Midcoast)

Attending: Bill Clark, Jean Sawyer, Virginia Derr,  Frederick Lancaster, Bill Eaton, Gail Eaton, MAC Board member-Marilyn McWilliams, Julie Pease, Loren Arford, Will Neilson, Poppy Arford.

Minutes: Gail Eaton

Introductions made, agenda adjusted

Marilyn spoke on behalf of the MAC Board–

  1. Discussed the role and places of chapters; Started the year with 4 chapters, now have 10 with 2 more coming
    1. Started with 4,000 supporters and now have 15,000
  2. New Website will be up and running 9/25
    1. Training on using website on 10/1 (Gail will attend for MCC)
    2. MAC newsletter will remind all to obtain information on chapters meetings and events will be on new website
  3. On 10/29 Board and chapter leaders will discuss messaging – Bill Clark will attend
  4. UM presented updated and thorough talking points for businesses –  see attached document (with minutes)
    1. Use items from these “business talking points” when talking with churches and other organizations with whom MAC wants to partner.


Bill led a discussion about MCC goals for 2017. What shall we accomplish?

  1. Sign up partners – one/chapter member – aim for 40 new partners.
    1. Current partners: (so members don’t contact those already on the list) Bath Natural Foods; Morning Glory; Now Your Cooking; Maine Family Planning; Veterans for Peace; Maine Greens; Durham Friends Meeting; Greater Brunswick Peace Works;  MUUSAN;  and MC Hospital and League of Women Voters have been contacted and refused.  All data at this link: MAC partners
    2. Bill will talk partnership with Oasis Health
    3. Virginia will talk with First Parish UCC in Brunswick
    4. Perhaps a sub group/committee on organizations/churches (not businesses) would meet to discuss–
      1. Ask them what would entice them to join/act
      2. Ask them what the chapter can do to help
      3. Pitch humanitarian and civil rights component of single payer health insurance
      4. Emphasize that this is not a partisan organization; we represent all Mainers
      5. Virginia will organize a group to visit churches (and is already in discussion with FP, Bruns)
      6. Many churches have a social action committee that could be contacted/involved
  2. Show movies – 7 by the end of the year
      1. Please volunteer to spearhead an effort: find a venue and date!! (Bath, Bruns, Topsham, Harpswell, Woolwich, Wiscasset, Damariscotta, Richmond, Dresden; Bowdoinham; Bowdoin College, ETC)
      2. Partner up with someone- don’t do this alone!
        1. Bill Clark will see if UUCB will host another showing
        2. Will Neilson will ask Bath Grace Episcopal about showing a movie
        3. Frederick will draft letter to Bath members to recruit folks to work with him
      3. Movies available
        1. Now Is The Time (full length and condensed)
        2. Frontline: “HC around the World”
        3. Fix It (full length and condensed)
        4. The Healthcare Movie
        5. Big Pharma (Julie will help get a DVD- it can be streamed)
        6. Sick Around the World – an online movie
      4. Have people available for Q&A
  3. Find supporters and sign them up. Another 1000 by year end? Sign up by email to Chris Cayer (  or on Google doc (sign up for events)
      1. Damariscotta Pumpkin Festival – 10/6 and 7
      2. Common Ground Fair – 9/22-24
      3. Bath Autumn Festival – 10/7 (Columbus/Indigenous People Weekend)
  4. House Party. Another 3 by year end?
      1. Julie hosted house party on 10/18
        1. Raised ~$1,000 hope to have $2,000 once all pledges received
        2. One attendee will host party in Portland
      2. Bryan (hired for fund raising) – very good speaker, helps us set up house parties
      3. Marla Davis is MCC house party organizer to contact if interested in doing one
      4. Wendy Flaschner (?) has one set for November (with Marla)
      5. Facebook to publish truths/myths about single payer insurance – Bill C will send link
  5. Data Entry – held training and input party – had 6 volunteers and did maybe 300 entries (ate pizza); may do
    1. Other Items
      1. Peer-2-Peer fund raising
        1. Need more/ongoing funds in order to keep Chris and Abbie
        2. Bill will send ideas for how to approach people
      2. Phil Caper – does a bi-weekly blog that provides links to articles from major news outlets on health insurance
        1. We suggest that MAC add Phil’s blog link to the new MAC website
        2. Let Bill know if you would like Phil to include you on his emails whenever he posts (usually once or twice a seek). (Bill will send contact information for Jean and Frederick as they are interested.)
      3. Margaret Flowers webinar – Dr. Flowers presented ideas for ways to speak to common “objections” to SP.  Ideas attached.
      4. Sen. Elizabeth Warren has a terrific, 4 minute Youtube interview with an Anthem exec: check it out at
      5. Bernie Sanders submitted bill for single payer insurance to Congress
        1. It has 16 co-sponsors in the Senate and there are 119 for the similar House bill (HR 676).  
        2. Executive summary of Bernie bill attached- check it out for some details
      6. Maine’s bill is listed as out of committee with an “ought not to pass.” But this is standard procedure where a study will be conducted, as with LD 1274 (for which so many of us testified)
        1. Senator Gratwick has raised the funds for the study
      7. Frederick spoke for a few minutes on messaging
        1. Frames” are words/ ideas that if repeated often enough, are believed, whether they are “correct” or not.  We all respond to Frames that are out there.  Like “war on terror” or “budget deficits”, or “immigration”.  The Republicans/ conservatives have been skillful at getting these into our heads over the past 30-40 years, and it’s why they are in power now.
        2. We should always speak to our values, so as to tap into alternative “frames”.
        3. Core values of progressive viewpoint: freedom, liberty, justice, democracy. Constitution guarantees the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”
        4. Remember, the idea of a “center” position is a myth that tends to discount new or bold ideas; SP is the best and right thing to do.
        5. Finally, this from Margaret Flowers (?Gandhi) “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win!!”
      8. Should there be a chat room as part of the website
      9. Poppy – People Plus is doing a Senior Health Expo at Cook’s Corner on 10/17 700+ attendees last year
        1. Booth costs $75. Need to make a decision by Friday
        2. Poppy suggests sharing a booth with Right Care Alliance
        3. Marilyn will follow up


Next meeting: October 26, 2017 at 5:30 PM at the UUCB.