September 18 2018 York County Minutes

Maine AllCare
York County Chapter Meeting
September 18, 2018
Meeting Notes
6:00 p.m., McArthur Free Library, Biddeford

Attendees: Abbie Ryder, Maine AllCare; Stacy McGuire, Rachelle Therrien, John Gold, Michael Garnett

Quick Introductions.First Item was spent discussing who Maine AllCare is for new members in attendance. Maine AllCare is the local chapter of the Physicians for a National Health Program. We have the goal of getting healthcare for all Maine residents, and will support incremental changes that pave the way for our goal, but as an organization are not taking a stance on this years ballot question. Decided that Mondays work better than Tuesdays for members to meet.

We discussed what we can be asking local candidates that canvass our homes. See where they stand on healthcare. Not enough time before the election to try and hold a forum to ask candidates.What would we like to achieve as a chapter? Should we set monthly themes for our meetings, ie. October-Eday Planning, November – Eday follow up and data entry, December – Film Screening or Potluck etc.

Next Chapter Meetings objectives:

Work on a clean and clear elevator speech for Eday, go over the rules and regulations of polling locations. FAQ’s (should we create a role as researcher, to follow up on the groups questions for the next meeting) some of these questions would be, how many Maine residents are uninsured, what are the costs of prescriptions and healthcare plans currently being offered. I will do my best to have these typed out for the next meeting. Sign up shifts for eday, typically broken down in to 3 hour shifts. Most locations require us to bring our own table and chairs. Regulation size is a card table.

Approved York County Polling Locations thus far:

Old Orchard Beach

Let’s make sure to fill as many locations as possible, since election day we are hoping to bring in 11,000 new supporters.

Chapter Roles

  1. Chapter Chair, sets agendas, sends out meeting reminders:  Need to identify
  2. Co-chair, assists with all Chair duties:  Need to identify
  3. Scribe, would take meeting minutes, type them up and distribute:   Bob Hamblen    
  4. Data Czar, Enters supporter cards into database and learns how to pull lists:  Need to identify
  5. Researcher, researches questions asked at meeting and presents the answers at the following meeting:  Need to identify

Events we need Help With:

November 6th, Tabling at polling locations across in York County

Meeting Adjourned: 7:30pm
Next Meeting: Monday October 22nd, McArthur Library, Biddeford at 6pm

Submitted by,
Abbie Ryder
Regional Field Director