October 24 2017 Norway Minutes


(formerly Oxford)

October 24th, 2017

 PRESENT: Abbie, Tom, Leisha, Cindy, Theresa, Jennifer, Izobel Earle, George Szok, AnneGlazier, Charles Glazier, Chris, Denise

1. Introductions, including those of new attendees

2. Given the attendees are from more than one county talk of changing the name of the chapter to “Western Maine”

3. Review for new members of the goals of MaineAllCare, which is now endorsed by the AFL-CIO, and discussion of potential grant writing

4. Election day coverage: Bridgton election day hours are fully covered. Rumford, Bethel and Norway still need some shift coverage. We reviewed some of the rules of engagement re: approach and advocacy and signatures on yellow cards. We agreed that the last person covering at each site can call in the total # of cards filled out to Abbie and bring the cards themselves to Jen at the next chapter meeting for processing.

5. Film showings: General discussion about which of the films would be most appropriate to show first and to which audience. Agreement that “Sick Around the World” may be a less boring and more educational and politically neutral film to start with. Discussion about whether long or short versions of films would best allow for better attention and discussion after the showing. Would could provide a panel for discussions after showings. Discussion around best methods for marketing the showings, including websites, flyers, library and store postings, newspaper ads, social media notices, press releases, church intranet announcements, etc.

a. Leisha reported agreement from owners of the Gem theater in Bethel to show film

b. Tom reported on discussion with pastor of the Bridgton Congregational Church to show film and hold forum thereafter, and shared her requests for cosponsorship, and timing in January. He will give copy of the “Sick” DVD to her for previewing

6. Future growth and needs:

a. filling open chapter positions. We need a co-chair. Tom volunteered to be scribe.

b. establishment of phone tree

c. Abbie’s folder

d. reminder that gifts to MAC are tax deductible

7. Discussion about future meetings. We will likely not have meeting in Dec. At next meeting, we should try to have lists of friends and family to solicit donations. Our chapter goal is $1000 minimum.

8. Everyone expressed great thanks to Abbie for her work, as she will likely not be present during the winter!!!

Next meeting will be November 28th, same location. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Tom Sterne, MD