Oct 12 2017 Waldo Minutes


October 12, 2017


Introductions The attendees were from nine local towns. Maine AllCare attendees included Marilyn McWilliams and her husband, and organizers Abbie Ryder and Chris Cayer.
Updates on Maine AllCare Maine AllCare (MAC) is holding a “messaging retreat” in Manchester ME on Oct. 29th to align and define our shared talking points.  The MAC board and one member from each Chapter is invited.

MAC has grown from 4,000 supporters to over 12,000 since January, and from 4 chapters to 10, and soon to be 12!

State Legislative Work Group – members have been chosen by the legislature, but need to be approved by Sect. of State Mathew Dunlap. He needs to be pushed as it is taking too long.

Volunteers are needed to phone bank on Giving Day, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving to collect donations for MAC.

Members should go to the new website at www.MaineAllCare.org.  Chapters have their own link, with leaders and minutes available there.


Waldo Chapter Leader Art Shea will try to attend the “messaging retreat”

Chapter members should call Sect. Matt Dunlap at 207 626-8400 to push for immediate action to empanel this work group.

Contact Abbie Ryder at 207 391-5876 to volunteer for the Giving Day phone banking.

Waldo County Chapter Updates Maine AllCare depends on local chapters to do the grass-roots work of this educational campaign. Most referendum or political campaigns do not take this grass-roots, local level approach.  We think this is what was missing in Vermont!

Also, state & local fundraising is needed to bring back our organizers (Abbie & Chris) in the spring since they wrap up their current contracts at the end of November. While they are not available to us, MAC board member Marilyn McWilliams is our state-level contact.

Businesses – Local chapters are being asked to approach local businesses with a Partner Endorsement Form which a) allows MAC to use their name in talking about our support, and b) agrees to share MAC information with employees either directly or by sharing links. MAC does not have a database of business leaders who support us, so this local effort needs to start from scratch!

Local chapter leadership is stepping up to give our Waldo County Chapter some structure, but more volunteers are needed! Local leaders are trained and supported by state board members.

·         The Chapter “Leader” (Art Shea) is our local chairperson who organizes and announces the meetings and interacts with the state level.

·         The Scribe (Steve Ryan) takes minutes and performs other correspondence roles.

·         The “Data Czar” (Ann Marshall) enters the signature cards into an online database to populate mailing lists and volunteer efforts.

·         Other positions can develop over time, such as an event coordinator.




Contact Marilyn as needed at 207 536-0919 or email at marilynmcwilliams@gmail.com


The Waldo County Chapter should brainstorm local businesses to approach.




Art Shea can be reached at artshea46@yahoo.com


Steve Ryan is at steveryanme@gmail.com


Ann Marshall is at marshallann11@gmail.com

Event Planning Waldo County MAC is working with Peace & Justice Group of Waldo County to hold a movie showing of “Now Is The Time” on Oct. 18th at the Belfast Free Library.

Other possible venues include Lincolnville Library, Searsmont Community Center, and sites in Palermo and Unity (which has the college and the Barnraisers)

Our Waldo County Chapter meetings will continue to be the             second Tuesday of each month at the Belfast Free Library.  Some small contributions will be collected each meeting to help us establish some working “petty cash” for the Chapter.



·         Tuesday Nov 9th at    6:30 pm at the Belfast Free Library (90 min)



Prepared by:  Steve Ryan, Belfast  (Waldo County Chapter Scribe)