Nov 9 2017 Waldo Minutes


November 9, 2017


Introductions Sixteen attendees attended from our local towns, plus statewide organizer Abbie Ryder for her last meeting with us.

Having collected a large number of Supporter Cards, we must use the database to invite interested supporters to the meetings to grow the active membership.

Chapter Leadership to review the database and reach out to interested Supporters.
Election Day Update Abbie reported that after many obstructions and delays, Sen. Gratwick was instrumental is forcing the Sect. of State and Atty. Gen. to allow Maine AllCare (MAC) to “table” at polling places around the state.

630 Election Day Supporter Cards were collected in Waldo County!

●       Belfast – 537  (larger number than Bangor!)

●       Waldo – 53

●       Searsport – 40


This resistance from supposed progressives is daunting and should alert MAC supporters of the challenges to come.
Finances Petty Cash for the Waldo Chapter is being held and managed by Chapter Leader Art Shea.  He is using some of it to purchase a ledge and lockbox.  Currently the balance from last meeting’s collections is $32 less the $10 required by the Library for Lock Up Fee.  Petty Cash at a Chapter is limited to $300, and excess funds should go to the state MAC treasurer.

Fundraising is needed statewide and locally.  Approx. $200,000 is projected to be needed for the next stage of MAC activity by the end of 2018, with staffing of an Executive Director and administrative person, plus materials, permits and other expenses.

“Giving Tuesday” is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, Nov 28th.  This is a day of general fundraising, and MAC will be setting up phone banks (each person can be on their own or in groups) to solicit donations from people who have indicated their interest in giving on their Supporter Card.  It can be a good day to ask “Family & Friends”, another theme of fundraising as we proceed.

To facilitate each of these fundraising efforts, MAC and Abbie has set up a Waldo County Fundraising Page on the MAC website.  Our funds and pledges are entered by each of our members and total toward a County goal.  The Midcoast Chapter set an ambitious goal of $3,000 for 2018 for their 42 members.

●       Send the link to our Family & Friends as part of our asking them… nice and easy!

●       Ask for a monthly automatic donation which is easier and gives MAC greater financial stability.

●       A typical donation can be as little as $15.  Can this be a monthly amount?

The Waldo County Goal can be broken into two segments:

A.    Grass Roots Fundraising – using envelopes, direct asks, the Fundraising Page

An achievable goal for the Chapter from these smaller scale                     asks is $1,000 for 2018 for the Chapter.

B.     House Parties – a more intensive but fun approach, but limited by the number of homes and organizers, as well as the size of the large-donor base.

A House Party can raise about $1,000 each!   Practical limit is               around 3 per year per Chapter

Waldo County Goal, then should be $3,000 in 2018

A few members volunteered to organize a first House Party, perhaps around Valentine’s Day.  Jennifer & Jim agreed to co-host as Jennifer knows a lot of people and Jim has a sizable home and wants to meet more people!  Jan and Steve volunteered to help with refreshments, labor or whatever is helpful.

Big events were discussed; they are more feasible if a number of Chapters collaborate on a regional event, such as an auction.

Business endorsements from local business leaders are going to be important.  We should all think about who we might know and approach.

Additional movie venues are also needed.  Art has a set of the movie DVDs for our use.  Donations may be collected at these showing.








Contact Abbie Ryder at 207 391-5876 to volunteer for the Giving Day phone banking.



Next Meeting:  develop a detailed Chapter plan to launch the Fundraising Page use.







Grass Roots Fundraising – Goal is $1,000 for 2018 for the Chapter.


House Parties – Waldo County Goal is $3,000 in 2018





Next Meeting:  develop a detailed plan to hold the first House Party


Art will review the database of Supporters to build a list of self-identified business people.



Jan will identify local groups and organizations to speak to and partner with.

Next Meeting: define the Movie Showings we want to hold.

State Maine AllCare “Messaging Retreat” Maine AllCare (MAC) held a “messaging retreat” in Manchester ME on Oct. 29th to align and define our shared talking points.  The MAC board and one member from each Chapter were invited.  No Waldo County members were able to attend.

The retreat refined the way that we should all communicate our mission:  “Healthcare for All Maine” is more clear and compelling than other more technical phrases involving “single payor” or “Improved Medicare”.  Freq. Asked Questions (FAQs) are being finalized to help us answer the questions we face.

Members should go to the new website at  Chapters have their own link, with leaders and minutes available there.




Waldo County Chapter Structure Local chapter leadership is organizing to give our Waldo County Chapter some structure, and more volunteers are needed! Local leaders are trained and supported by state board members.

●       The Chapter “Leader” (Art Shea, Brooks) is our local Chapter Co-Leader who organizes and announces the meetings and interacts with the state level.

●       NEW – Mike Ray of Lincolnville volunteered to be the other Chapter Co-Leader

●       The Scribe (Steve Ryan, Belfast) takes minutes and performs other correspondence roles.

●       The “Data Czar” (Ann Marshall, Waldo) enters the signature cards into an online database to populate mailing lists and volunteer efforts.

●       Other positions will develop over time, such as an event coordinator.

Abbie and MAC created a Waldo Chapter email that will be uniformly used to communicate to & from our membership –  This email will have helpful documents and resources shared through Google Drive as well.




Art Shea can be reached at

Mike Ray is at

Steve Ryan is at

Ann Marshall is at



All members should enter the Chapter’s email in their Contacts so they get Chapter messages!

Next Meeting The next Waldo Chapter meeting (for December)  is on the first Thursday instead of the usual 2nd Thursdays…  Dec 7th.  Future 2018 meetings are all planned on the 2nd Thursday of each month in the Abbott Room. Next meeting is Thursday Dec 7th from 6:30 to 8 pm at the Belfast Free Library. 


Prepared by:  Steve Ryan, Belfast  (Waldo County Chapter Scribe)