Nov 28 2017 Norway Minutes


(formerly Oxford)

NOVEMBER 28, 2017

PRESENT: Liesha, Tom, Marilyn McWilliams, Cindy Monahan, Brendan Bass, Toby Jordan, Larry
Flaherty, Peter and Maggie Zak, Therese Johnson, George Szok, and reporters from
Advertiser Democrat (please excuse name misspellings)

1. Introductions, including those of new attendees

2. Review of minutes of meeting of 10/24/17, which were accepted unamended

3. Discussion around changing of our chapter name. Group agreed on Norway Area Chapter for
our new name herein

4. Election Day review. Over 11,000 cards collected! Discussion of how to input information
collected into MAC database, and to train members on the input website. Group agreed on
Dec. 12th at 6:30 at the Bridgton Community Center as training date and site. Larry to arrange
use of site.

5. Discussion about use of broadcast mailings to raise money to support continued use of Abbie
and Chris as field organizers.

6. Giving Tuesday. Meetings to be held in several locales, donations of first $5000 to be
matched. Board goal is $57,000.

7. Movie showings update: Liesha reported two willing local church locales. Tom in negotiations
with local church pastor and co-sponsors. We thought Fridays not good choice for showing
date. Discussed pushback until February to allow more of those now newly signed up to come.
Raised possibility of Lakes Region TV to show the film(s), or film a showing with f/u panel
discussions. Bethel GEMS as showing locale discussed.

8. Should our chapter or any other join the local Chamber of Commerce? Discussion of pros and

9. Cindy agreed to become a chapter co-chair beginning in February.

10. Discussed friends and family list to be made for eliciting donations,and reminder that donations
can be matched and are tax deductible. has direct route to donate and is
constructing an email text which can be sent out to potential donors.

11. Reminder about business organization endorsement forms and the importance of solicitation of
support from them. Gaining their support most effective when done face to face; providing
them with information packets may also be useful.

12. Marilyn reviewed that the messaging retreat was useful and that the best “messaging
messages” will be distributed to all chapters soon. Tom reviewed the work of the Policy
Committee to date, and their use of a data gathering specialist to gather gross cost numbers
on health care expenditures in the state so as to evaluate best possible financing options.

Meeting adjourned, and chapter agreed to schedule next meeting for JANUARY 23rd at same location.


Tom Sterne