Nov 19 2017 Downeast Minutes

Maine AllCare Downeast Chapter

November 19, 2017 meeting minutes

Blue Hill Library

Attending: Lynn Cheney, Joe Lendvai, Kevin Hunt, Bonnie Preston, Caryl Heaton, Tom van Buren, Steve Collier, Diana Page, Oscar Ruiz, Caroline Werth, Bill MacDowell, Kate O’Dell, Liz Solet, Betsy Braunhut, Robert Grant, Jeff Milliken, Jon Albrecht, Hunt Gressitt, Ruth Ryan, Bonnie Preston. Minutes: Liz Solet

PRE-MEETING data entry ALL About a dozen of us spent two hours entering about 300 support cards gathered on election day into NationBuilder.



Report from Field Organizers Chris, Abbie Since June (when Abbie and Chris started) 18,233 support cards collected—making total of 24K so far.

Also added about 3K people interested in volunteering.

Plus at least 300 small donors—grassroots.

383 volunteer shifts done (could be more—haven’t kept tally since meeting goal early on.

Overall, goals have been far exceeded.

Started in June with 5 chapters; now 9.

Many places interested in starting chapters, but not quite there—need about 10 dedicated people to do it.

Lincoln, York, Washington, Aroostook—interest.

Election Day: huge success—at 50 polling places, with 179 volunteers, 200 shifts.

Collected 11,400 support cards!

People were lining up to show support, little or no persuasion needed.

“Easiest sell in the world”–volunteer

In Surry, had 4 people filling out cards at same time!

Lots of bumps in the road to getting spot at polls, with AG; Sen. Gratwick helped tremendously in getting resolution.

Lots of movie showings have been done.

Abbie and Chris are wrapping up at the end of this month; confident that chapters can keep moving.

Focus on Giving Tuesday fundraising—potential to keep Abbie and Chris on??

Goal: raise $5K on Giving Tuesday; have $5K matching funds.

Looking for volunteers to contact supporters to see if they’re interested in donating, on 11/28.

This effort cannot happen without financing. Chapter members can make contributions, small or large. Encourage those who can give more do so.

Idea: generate email to be sent to potential donors (friends, family, contacts). Turn phone script to email? With donate button? Have on website—could include link.

There are also nonprofit orgs that collect donations for a small fee [such as Network for Good].

Chapters have email addresses now—can add donate button to emails—Chris can show/do.

Be able to send emails ahead of Giving Tuesday?

Chris will reach out to fundraising team and see if it can get going.

Need to follow up with those in database who’ve indicated interest in getting involved.

Report on One Payer States conf call


Lynn WA state, PA, CO, OH, ME on the call, plus some others.

Maine was half of the agenda! With success story of Question 2 for Medicaid expansion—people are proud of what we’ve done, and looking to emulate in their states.

Each state reported on their progress:

WA made short video to promote their efforts, and now have legislation in House and Senate. Also having economic study done by Gerald Friedman. Cost: $15K. Worth considering for MAC?

Friedman has done the study for a number of states.

Much lower cost than other estimates; would depth of data, detail, analysis be worth it—how comprehensive would it be?

We can watch how it plays out in WA, with legislation and econ study, what pushback they get, questions asked in response, gaps identified, etc.


Report on Blue Hill Chamber breakfast Jeff Jeff, Lynn, Kevin went to recent Chamber breakfast.

Convo with Rob Clapp, insurance agent who opposes universal health care, but thinks it’s ‘too late,’ because as people get access to social programs, can’t take that access back easily. He was intelligent, considered, thoughtful—the kind of someone we want to follow up with and engage with more.

Hoping to use Chamber connections as way to engage businesses—to come to events, to sign business support form. Jeff is circulating list of Chamber members today—please make note of three people we each know and can reach out to.

Asking businesses to “partner” with MAC—show of support.

Supporting businesses will be listed on MAC site, as site construction continues.

Funnel business support forms to Lynn, who will funnel to Moira.

Local businesses, especially smaller ones, want to have better solutions for health care—it’s often an easy sell.


Report on Legislative Task Force on Health Care Coverage for All of Maine, following

Senate Paper (SP) 0592



Moira Task Force now fully staffed!

Expect that they will start work soon.

Members include:

Ann Perry, Democratic Rep, Calais.

Kevin Lewis (Maine Community Health Options)

Kristine Ossenfort, representing insurance carriers

Sen. Geoff Gratwick (MAC Board)

Political appointments

Overall, the makeup is very Republican, pro-insurance, anti-universal health care.

Meetings should be public—Moira will work on tracking this and making sure they are. Will plan to have at least one MAC person at hearings—will circulate schedule when available.

Will be regional hearings?

Geoff will ask/demand that minutes of meetings be made public.

Task Force’s charge: see Lynn’s recent email and/or link.

Pushback already from Sen. Thibodeau—dragged feet even in forming Task Force.

LTEs  would be useful.

Send updates to people who’ve signed up and given email (in MAC newsletters).

Can also ask supporters to contact their reps if they’re on the Task Force.


Sign holder for banner Lynn Tom Van Buren did create one; stored at Lynn’s
Fundraiser in Washington, ME, film event at Southwest Harbor Library Valerie Dornan How to involve young people? Ellsworth/MDI chapter to reach out to College of the Atlantic.

Event at Southwest Harbor Library—could MAC donate films to the Southwest Harbor, and other libraries? What the best way to do so?

Fix It and Big Pharma are open access—no copyrights; MAC has bought rights to others; libraries/association would need to get rights as well.


Approve October minutes All Motion; second; carried


Film showings, events Kate, Hunt,


Congo church, Blue Hill—Kate and Hunt working on.

Moira going to Machias Rotary soon.

Other ways to reach beyond the choir? High school basketball games? Schools may not allow.

Talk to school boards? Lynn talked with local Superintendent—he’s considering whether or not it’s too political.

George Stevens Academy? As private school…


Grange halls (many aren’t open in winter)

Bonnie Preston had planned to reach out to Halcyon Grange—Liz will follow up.

Colloquy Downeast—MAC did many years ago, time to do again? Series of classes, lectures.

Other venues?

Other possibilities that are similar to Rotary?

Chuck Radis, MAC board, has been doing presentations at Rotaries in his area. Short presentation—slide show.

Lions Clubs

Heart of Ellsworth? (for Ellsworth/MDI chapter)

Newly formed Blue Hill Development group

Community Compass—coalition of organizations

Reach out to hospitals—much has been tried; as local hospitals have been taken over by EMHS, little to no openness.

Event just at hospitals, just using a space? Hunt and Bruce Becque have tried—no go.




Follow up/To do:


What will get done? By who? By when? Notes: Status:
Reach out to “locals”—neighbors, friends, colleagues, etc. who are not in our choir All Next mtg
Look into PNHP details on funding structures Carol Next mtg
Reach out to Flex It re: permanent display Liz Next mtg
Spread the word about chapter and meetings and events All ongoing
Approach Halcyon Grange about having MAC talk at winter talk series Bonnie, Liz Next mtg
Approach BH Winter Market about having MAC table Liz Next mtg
Commit to what we’re willing and able to do (especially house parties) All FOR next mtg
Put small MAC flyer on bulletin boards around communities. All ongoing

 Next scheduled meeting: December 17, 4-5:30 pm

Meeting adjourned 5:30 pm