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Maine AllCare Testimony

TestifyingDr. Hsaio testifying

Testimony by Philip Caper, M.D. and Alice Knapp, Esq.

Joint Select Committee on Health Reform
State House, Augusta, Maine
October 19, 2010 11:00 AM

Philip CaperI am Dr. Philip Caper. I am accompanied by Alice Knapp. I have spent my career trying to improve the health care system that serves the American people. We are here today representing Maine AllCare. Maine AllCare is dedicated to promoting universal, high quality and affordable health care for the people of Maine. Read More.


Testimony by William C. Hsiao, PhD, FSA, Harvard School of Public Health

Before the Joint Select Committee on Health Care Reform
State House, Augusta, Maine
October 19, 2010 10:30 AM

In the late 1980's, Taiwan, with its 20 million people, was faced with a similar set of problems to those that are confronting the USA and Maine today. Many Taiwanese had no health insurance, rapid health cost inflation put the existing health insurance plans and patients under heavy financial pressure, the government-run health insurance for employees of large companies was bankrupt, the quality of health care was inconsistent, and health care delivery was plagued with over-treatment, waste, abuse, and fraud. Rising public discontent caused the Premier to appoint a Task Force in 1988 charged with designing health system reforms to achieve the following goals: universal health insurance, improved access to and quality of health care, and limiting health care cost inflation to an affordable level. Read More.