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Maine AllCare Brochure
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Welcome to Maine AllCare Chapters

Our goal is to make health care accessible to everyone in Maine. Chapters work at the local level, informing and educating our neighbors about the need to transform our current, cumbersome and increasingly costly insurance based system into a statewide, publicly funded universal health care system. We do this through community health forums, guided discussions, film screenings and similar community sponsored events. We currently have four active chapters around the state. Our monthly meetings are open to the public. Please join us. Everyone welcome.

Portland Chapter: Leader – Dan Bryant MD, Contact:
Meets 4th Wednesday of each month 7- 8:30 PM at Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church, 524 Allen Avenue, Portland, ME

Midcoast Chapter – Brunswick: Leader – Bill Clark MD, Contact:
Meets each month, but no set schedule, 5:30-7:00 PM at Universal Unitarian Church, 1 Middle Street Brunswick ME Please see our Calendar to confirm upcoming meetings.

River Valley Chapter – Rumford: Leader – Joe Sirois, Contact:
Meets each month, but no set schedule, 4-5:30 PM at the Rumford Public Library, 56 Rumford Ave, Rumford, ME 04276 Please see our Calendar to confirm upcoming meetings.

Downeast Chapter – Blue Hill: Leader – Joe Lendvai, Contact:
Meets fourth Sunday of each month 4-5:30 PM at the Blue Hill Library, 52 Parker Point Road Blue Hill ME 04614

Bangor Chapter – Bangor: Leader Nate Shea, Contact:
Meets second Saturday of each month 8:30-9:30 AM at Bagel Central, upstairs meeting room, 33 Central St, Bangor, ME 04401

Ellsworth /MDI Chapter: Leader Bruce Becque, RN, Contact:
Meets once a month on Sundays at the Moore Center in Ellsworth.


Recent Meeting Minutes (abbreviated)


April 23, 2017 meeting, 3-4:30 pm, Howard Room, Blue Hill Library – Minutes

Submitted by Liz Solet, Secretary, 16 people attending

Introduced new members: Cathleen London MD, Milbridge; Maureen Foy RN, Penobscot
Approved February and March minutes


– New Ellsworth / MDI Chapter first meeting Sunday, April 20th 1pm at Moore Center in Ellsworth
– Elected new Downeast Chapter officers: Lynn Cheney, Leader; Joe Lendvai will provide support as needed, Liz Solet, Secretary; Jeff Milliken MD, Events Coordinator; Tom Van Buren, Publicity.
Education Committee update: discussed “tool kit” created by Jeff Milliken; also, how to engage local business; connect w Rotary. Joined local Chamber of Commerce.

Events: – St. Brendan’s church event (April 25, 6:30 pm, Tom Van Buren organizing)
– Fix It showing at Dorcas Library, Prospect Harbor (April 29, 3 pm): Moderated discussion with Joe Lendvai, Cat London, Bruce Becque.
– Hearing for LD 1274 (May 4, Augusta)
– Healthy Island project May 9th 7:30 am Stonington Church of the Nazarene
– Maine State Nursing conference (May 12-13, Bar Harbor): Bruce Becque will set up and staff table with sign-up list, any educational materials.

Discussion: – Doctors for America—Dr. Cathleen London is involved
– Need info on yellow information cards from our area - Lynn will contact Board
– Bruce and Holly of new Ellsworth /MDI Chapter will continue to attend Downeast Chapter for coordination – Use bcc for mass chapter-wide emails

Next meeting: Sunday May 21, 4-5:30 pm, Blue Hill Library, Howard Room
NOTE: time change to start at 4 p.m.



Thursday, October 6, 2016 at the Rumford Library

Chapter leader Joe Sirois opened the meeting at 4:30. Six members in attendance.

Upcoming events will be the showing of The HealthCare Movie. Members approved a poster and discussed possibilities for 3 viewing sites. More to follow through email and at a future meeting.

Joe reported that he had staffed a table in the Social Responsibility tent at the Common Ground Fair, as we have for the last 3 years. He also handed out recent news items on single-payer health-care efforts that are in progress throughout the country.

Next meeting will be announced as need arises. In the meantime we will communicate by email about dates and times for the showing of the movie. Adjournment at 5:00.

Respectfully submitted, Anne Wood



Saturday, May 13, 2017 at Bagel Central

Attendees: Nate Shea, Jeff Graham, Andrew Sarto, Tim Burns, John Gallo, Devon Carter, Gopal Subedi, Lisa Buck, Carol Bodnar, Fredrica Smith, Larry Dansinger, Galen Durose Jr., Suchari Ruttedge, Henk Goorhius

Meeting convened 8:30 AM Bagel Central Bangor Maine

Watched the movie “Fix It- Healthcare at the Tipping Point” followed by a good discussion by all present. Other movies suggested were “The Health Care Movie” and “Now is the Time”

Other groups proposed to which we can make a presentation and show the “Fix It” movie were: Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, Democratic Socialist group at UMaine, and the Food and Medicine group.

Noted that Nate Shea, Andrew Sarto and Jeff Graham were interviewed on WZON 620 in Bangor by Don Cookson regarding the Maine AllCare movement and LD 1274.

Henk Goorhius made a presentation going a bit more in depth into the economics of health care.

The committee testimonies for LD1274 in Augusta were discussed. Jeff Graham presented there and discussed how the testimonies went. Currently a study of the economic feasibility is being discussed by the committee.

Treasurer’s report $340.00 in the treasury.

Carol Bodnar was added to the media group. Andrew Sarto offered to make the presentation of “Fix It” at a meeting of the Democratic Socialist group at UMaine

Next meetings: June 10 and July 8 at Bagel Central in Bangor.

Jeff Graham



Sunday, April 30, 2017 at the Moore Center, 133 State St, Ellsworth, Maine

Present: Bruce Becque, RN; John Pickles, RN; Jack Russell; Jim Mroch; Dr. Moira O’Neill, RN; Dr. Cathleen London; Weronika Grabowska; Dr. Kathleen Kotas; Dr. Mary Dudzik; Jean Rohrer, RN; Valerie Dornan; Holly Duesenberry; Dr. Jeff Dunn; Dr. Linda Dunn; Julia Ventresco; Dr. Meryl Nass; Dr. Sam Bergman; Dr. Charles Hendricks; Dr. David Painter

  1. Introductions made around the table
  2. Moira O’Neill - explanation of Physicians for a National Health Plan and Maine AllCare
  3. Free ranging discussion about the current state of healthcare in the USA - mostly how amazingly dysfunctional it is, clinically as well as financially.
  4. How will we pay for universal coverage?
  5. How will Ellsworth/MDI engage with the wider public? How do we develop a unified message?

Plan going forward:

  1. Ellsworth/MDI will meet on a monthly basis. Next meeting will be on Sunday, May 21, 2017 at 4pm in the Moore Center again. We intend to alternate meeting sites between MDI and Ellsworth. Where can we meet on MDI?
  2. We decided that we first need to educate ourselves on these issues in order to develop a consistent message and talking points to share with the public. Bruce B. will email the group with suggested topics for research. Members can pick areas of interest, do research and present to group.


Monday, May 24, 2017, 7pm, Unitarian Universalist Church, Brunswick

Attending: Bill Clark led the meeting, 14 in attendance

  1. Copies of Enough For All report, and Maine AllCare pins were available for all.
  2. Link for an AARP article (Why Our Drugs Cost So Much) was sent to all.

Chapter news:

  1. 5/6/17 – HCHR “Enough for All” rally, Portland attended by Julie and Bill and Dianne Wilkins (Port Chapter)
  2. 5/17/17 About 50 people attended –Fix It showing in Rockland, with panel discussion- Bill Clark; Jonathan Fulford (MAC Board member, small biz owner- ran against Mike Thibodeau last election); Pinny Beede-Center (Rockland legislative Rep)
  3. Julie Pease gave brief news from other MAC chapters
  4. Julie Pease and Debbie Atwood will circulate “MAC talking points” for all chapters, so that MAC has a consistent message
  5. 6/6/17 – Now is the Time will be shown at the Portland Library- they need food donations, expect 100-150 attendees

MAC Board chair Hank Goorhuis led discussion (with handouts) about LD 1274 and funding SP for Maine: Key points- all would have same coverage as “your grandmother” (Medicare; improved); LD 1274 passed IFS Committee, and a 16 member study group will be formed (8 legislators, 8 citizens) to work on details

Members will look for opportunities/ venues to show films, have panel discussions, do “friend raiser” house parties. We’ll consider whether we wish to rent Frontier for a showing ($300) Marla Davis will help coordinate house parties.

Next meeting 6/21/17 at 5:30 PM at the UUCB on Pleasant Street in Brunswick (as usual).



April 25, 2017, Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church, Portland

Members present: Michael Bacon, Nancy Bogg, Dan Bryant (Leader), Audrey Briggs, Phil Caper, Diana Cundy, Ed Cundy, Dick Dillihunt, Beth Franklin, Mark Kiefner, Nancy Miller, Ann Morrill, Robert Morrill, Elizabeth Oatley, Delene Perley, Marjorie Rosenbaum, Bonney Starbird

  1. Introductions
  2. Corrected minutes of March 29, 2017 were approved.
  3. Dan and Board members summarized April 6 MAC Board meeting.
  4. Recent chapter actions and efforts were noted -
    Showing Now Is the Time to the Primary Care Progress group at MMC, April 13
    Healthcare Forum, April 11, Windham (Phil on panel)
    HCHR Coalition breakfast meeting April 22 (Dianne, Ann)
    Endorsement efforts
  5. Future chapter actions –
    Now is the Time screening, June 6, 5:30 (film 6 to 7, panel discussion after), Rines Auditorium Portland Public Library
    Signature gathering at Longfellow Books and farmers’ markets
    LD 1274 hearing May 4 – members were encouraged to attend some or all activities.
    General discussion of bill, testimony, followed.
    Challenges to Professionalism conference June 17, Portsmouth
    People’s Report on Health Care (SMWC) – May 6, 1-3 PM, Congress Square.
  6. There not being enough time for planned presentation of a MAC overview for new members, this was tabled.
  7. There was not time for planned discussion of chapter organization either, but Beth pointed out that the field organizer may have recommendations for that, so it will not be pursued at this time.
  8. Meeting was adjourned at 8:50. Next meeting was set for May 16. 7 PM, at Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church.

Respectfully submitted, Dan Bryant