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HUMOR is Healthy! And often too true.

Dear Readers: If you have a favorite cartoon that is health care related and reveals a certain truth about our current system, please share it with us and include the name of the artist and source of publication.

Trump Health Care Cartoon by Matt Bors
healthcare cartoon
healthcare cartoon

A message from the Health Insurers of America by Mark Fiore
Watch the cartoon on Vimeo

You may find more cartoons by John Jonik about our health care system at

healthcare cartoon

healthcare cartoon

Editor's Note: One of the frequent criticisms of universal healthcare, particularly by those by those with vested financial interest in today's insurance based system, is that a single system that covered everyone automatically would lead to rationing and interference. Well, that is exactly what insurance companies are doing today by denying claims and effectively micromanaging what doctors can do to help patients. By contrast, a universal system will allow doctors and patients to make medical decisions together, based on a person's health care needs only. And in the process, return medicine to its healing roots.

Editor's Note: Denying care is how health insurance companies make money. This approach is reflected in the language of the business with terms such as "medical loss ratio". It sounds complicated, but all it means is the percentage of your premium dollars that an insurance company spends on providing you with health care, versus how much is spent on administrative and overhead costs and, in many cases, high salaries or bonuses. Paying for your health is their loss!