May 22 2018 Norway Minutes

Norway Area MAC: May Minutes

Meeting: May 22nd

Next meeting:

  • No meeting in June
  • Next meeting: July 31st, 6:30, Maine Kyokushin Karate, 29 Main St, Norway, ME


June 12th Primary

  • Tabling in Oxford and Bridgton
  • Need cards
  • Liesha, Cindy and maybe two others will be tabling in Oxford

Candidate Endorsements

  • Jen is working on a spreadsheet of all the local candidates
  • Will see which ones support universal healthcare (it’s in the Maine Dems platform) and will work to get letters of support (without any endorsement from our group)
  • Will either write a letter to the editor or a press release of all the local candidates that support universal healthcare

Lobby Days

  • Asked Delene about having MAC lobby days similar to Maine People’s Alliance’s Healthcare Lobby Day a few months ago in support of the Medicaid Expansion.
  • Delene looped in a few folks from the board and Liesha will update with any new info.

Democratic Office in Market Square

  • Don Berry said we can drop off literature there (the updated rack cards when we get them)
  • We can also talk to candidates there

Chapter Wrap Up

We discussed that as a chapter we haven’t been following everything the other chapters are up too. We feel this is a mistake and will start doing a chapter round up at every meeting for new ideas and inspiration.


  • They had a library event
  • They are meeting with small business owners
  • Their upcoming events to collect cards:
    • Pride Festival June 23rd
    • 4th of July ?be in the parade
    • Primaries June 12th
  • They are meeting with the Southern Maine Workers Center (we could meet with groups here?)
  • Looking to partner with MPA
  • Tabling at candidate forums and debates(?)


  • Having a house party (10-15 people)
  • Their goals:
    • Continue work in Ellsworth; show a ‘movie’ at church suppers, table at Farmer’s Markets, School Board, AARP monthly meeting, garner support from businesses, etc
    • Focus on presentations and house parties on MDI; likely a new chapter will evolve from this. Suggested venues: Reel Pizza and MDI Indivisible.
    • Once MDI has taken up the cause, we can then focus on outreach downeast, in the County and perhaps the ‘hole’ between us and Belfast (though maybe Blue Hill/Belfast would do this). This is a long term goal.
    • Radio – Could our chapter get a slot on Public Affairs Program
    • They are joining the Chamber of Commerce in Ellsworth

Interesting event: Belfast Bay Fiddlers at Maine AllCare’s Waldo County launch party


  • School Union 93 Annual Meeting
    • This was the School Union 93 joint board’s annual meeting. MAC showed the Washington State PNPH video, which worked well in the time allowed. It was an attentive audience with good questions. Healthcare benefits account for 8.5% of the Union 93 budget. I think they would be willing to endorse our mission if the Maine State School Board Association led the way. I pointed out that Anthem BCBS (Union 93 insurer) was the 3rd largest DC lobbyist in 2016 and its CEO earned $18.6M last year.) There were several individual cards of support.
      The American Federation of Teachers is in favor of single payer. NEA? ME Educ. Assoc.?Approach individual school boards? Approach at state level, and local level.
  • Guns & Public Health
    • What is the intersection of gun violence as a public health issue, and the question of how do we provide health care as public good?

Greater Brunswick Area Chapter

  • For folks that don’t want to come to meetings:
    • How YOU can help Maine AllCare cover all Mainers
      • Sign up endorsers-biz or organization
      • Table at primaries in June
      • Suggest a venue for a presentation/event
      • Table at Farmer’s Mkt- or other community event
      • Agree to host House Party-Marla
      • Suggest a person to serve on MAC Board
    • Goals
      • Endorsers: (30 biz, 15 orgs)
      • Sign up individuals: (50/1000)
      • House Parties
      • rotary presentations/

NYT 4/11: “Black infants in America are now more than twice as likely to die as white infants, a disparity that is wider than it was in 1850, 15 years before the end of slavery”

Portland Chapter

  • Washington state is doing a big initiative (1-1600) that has a lot of good material online:
  • There is a “Healthcare-Now!” event in Minneapolis June 22-24. Anyone can go. Emphasis is on Single Payer Strategy.