May 16 2018 Kennebec Minutes

Minutes from the meeting of Maine AllCare 5/16/18

In attendance:  Andi Parkinson, Ron and Fran Senecal, Alan Ross

Maine AllCare Augusta chapter needs a leader.  Andi cannot take on this role.  Fran offered to co-lead with another volunteer, yet to be found.  Fran is also data czar for the chapter.

Outreach:  Fran will contact groups that may be interested in the Maine AllCare mission, and invite one of their leaders to attend one of our meetings.  Andi has compiled a list of sympathetic groups, including the Maine UU Social Action Network.  Fran will add  MAC meetings to the Augusta UU bulletin; Lynn is the contact person.

Alan is the movie librarian.  Let him know if you would like to show one of the following movies:

Fix It.  Target audience is businesses, regarding the economic advantages of universal healthcare.

Sick Around the World.  An engaging travelogue comparing healthcare in 6 other countries.

Big Pharma.  I haven’t watched it yet!

Fran wants to hold a house party in late June/early July.  Stay tuned.

Fran pays $10 to rent the Drew house for our meetings.  Andi is now a UU member, which may make the payment unnecessary.  Alan offered the waiting room at his office on 147 Riverside Drive, Augusta, which seats 12 or more.  Meetings will continue at Drew House, Augusta UU Church, 6 Summer St., Augusta

Next meeting will be June 20th, the 3rd Wednesday of June.

Respectfully submitted,


Alan Ross, MD
Board certified in Physiatry
Specialized in Pain Rehabilitation