March 10 2018 Ellsworth/MDI Minutes

Ellsworth/MDI MAC March 10 2018 Meeting Minutes

Present:  Nadine Lewis, Jean Rohrer, Sam Bergman, Susanne Forest, Burt Wartell, Valerie Dornan

Nadine Lewis suggested venue for our monthly meetings: Beth Wright Cancer Resource Center in Ellsworth and she set this up for our Aril 14th meeting.  We are very grateful to Nadine and the BWCRC.  Our meetings will be held on the second Saturday of the month 3:30 – 5pm.  All are very welcome to attend, even if sporadically, so that there is a solid/growing ’groundswell’ of citizens throughout Maine who are up to date on developments.

Task Force March 2nd: report from Valerie Dornan, who attended.  Many thanks to Paige Boynton (our chapter member and Public Health Policy student) who gave an outstanding testimony.

News reported out from Board Meeting Notes.  View these notes on

Chapter members encouraged to attend Task Force April 2nd Meeting to show continued support for UHC from the citizens of Maine.

Preparation for upcoming presentation at St Dunstan’s.  Members ‘signed up’ for which snacks they will bring.  Publicity ‘duties’ agreed to: Bruce posters, Holly newspapers and radio, Jean also (some crossover…we need to be clearer in the future on this, as a chapter).   Valerie:  AV


Our chapter needs to focus on MDI for outreach.

Discussion for need to reach out to our young people in Maine.  Burt Wartell will make contact with COA re a possible presentation there.

In future, also work with Chris (?) at Reel Pizza, Bar Harbor.  Suggestion:  write request from our chapter.

Discussion re members attending forums, etc that are happening in our area.  Irene Bergman and Valerie tabled at the Democratic Caucus at the Hancock Town Hall on March 4th.  The Caucus was only attended by a ~ dozen citizens.

Nonetheless, good to get a feel for where people are in relation to UHC and a few more people signed yellow cards.   We will do this one person at a time!

Business ‘sign up’ sheets:  Jean will make copies.  Thank you Jean

Next meeting April 14th, 3:30- 5pm Beth Wright Center.