June 9 2018 Ellsworth/MDI Minutes

Minutes – Ellsworth/MDI AllCare Meeting

June 9, 2018

Present: Bruce, Valerie, Sam, Jeff Dunn, Nadine Lewis, Nick Yurlina, Mary Alice Horrigan, Lynn Cheney

  1. Sam Bergman – What Happened in Vermont? Sam researched the failure of Green Mountain Care in Vermont. He passed around reading materials for the group. A big takeaway from the failure was that proponents had not thoroughly researched the economics of implementation.

Agenda for next month: Sam to lead discussion re: Vermont 

  1. Tabling at Primaries (Ellsworth): Bruce went to Ellsworth City Hall to secure permission to set up a MAC table during primary voting. Sign up sheet passed around to schedule to staff the table.
  1. News from Maine AllCare: Chris Cayer and Abbie Ryder are interested in working for 6 months this year as field organizers. Two candidates for Executive Director have been interviewed. The MAC Board wants to hire an Executive Director and Chris and Abbie. They believe they have sufficient resources to accomplish this.
  1. The Legislative Task Force continues to meet.
  1. Business Recruitment: MAC has about 80 business endorsements so far (about 20 of which were acquired by the Downeast Chapter). Lynn Cheney (former business exec) believes that, from a business point of view, universal healthcare is a “no-brainer.” Lynn suggests starting small. Talk to business owners we know.

Bruce:  Talk to business people you know, businesses where you are a consumer,  but be prepared for skepticism.  Look on MAC website For Q & A.   The Chamber of Commerce in Blue Hill costs $15.   Lynn recommends asking them if they have a special rate for non-profits in Ellsworth.   Bruce will contact the Chamber of Commerce.  Chapter members need to memorize the facts… the mission statement FAQs.  If there is a question you can’t answer, get back to them.

Lynn: When we get a business endorsement, scan it and send to Delene.

  1. Germany Universal Healthcare: Presented by Jeff Dunn. Not single-payer. 230 insurance companies. Everyone is required to have health insurance. 500 Euros/month/family. 320 Euros/month/individual. There are both for-profit and not-for-profit insurance companies. The rates and coverage are controlled by a government run Board that is comprised of all stakeholders: physicians, nurses, hospitals, insurance companies, etc. The companies compete by offering different perks to their clients. Average cost per capita for healthcare is 3700 – 4000 Euros. (vs. $10,000 per capita in the U.S.  Wealthy individuals can opt out and buy their own coverage but they still have to contribute to the universal health coverage.
  1. WERU – Marge May emailed Bruce and asked if MAC had ever been featured on any WERU program. She will look into it and get back in touch with Bruce.
  1. Reel Pizza – Bruce will try to get in touch with Chris Vincenty to plan an event there.
  1. Next Meeting – August 11th in the Beth Wright Center. 3:30pm – 5pm
  1. Fisherman’s Day in Stonington – Sunday, July 15th. Downeast Chapter will have a table there. This event will replace the July meeting of Ellsworth/MDI AllCare.