January 30 2018 Norway Minutes

Norway Area Chapter Minutes
January 30th, 2018

PRESENT: Liesha, Tom, Cindy, Marilyn, Jennifer, Anna, George, Therese, Walter

We did not review or approve minutes of last meeting in November. They can be seen on the
MAC website, under “Chapters”

Some in the group are not receiving emailings from our Chair. There are problems using the
NationBuilder application, re: emails, membership lists, etc. Liesha will investigate, seek to
correct and update lists.

Jen reported that, on her own, she has inputted all the information collected on the yellow
sign-up cards on Election Day, into the MAC database. Thank you for all that hard work done

BOARD news: (Marilyn) The Board is working on enhancing grant writing. It is considering
the rehire of Chris and Abbie for outreach and canvassing, and on the hiring of an Executive
Director, pending development of a job description and review of finances. It is reviewing its
relations with the Maine People’s Alliance, and how the organization can comfortably dovetail
efforts on Universal Health Care, the Medicaid expansion and on Senior Care without losing
its prime focus and message.

Liesha began a review requested by the Board on ways the local chapters can help them:

-become recurrent donors
-dissemination of the mission statement and guiding principles
-secure more business and organization endorsements (we have a new, shorter form),
which in turn may assist in future donations. Board is considering new leadership for
-providing names of speakers for local events, manning (womaning) tables (election
day), writing of letters to the editor ( suggested goal of 12 LTE this year), etc.
-attending Legislative Task Force meetings ( next one March 4th, 9:30-4pm, Augusta)
-hosting candidate forums
-holding movie screenings and followup discussions, hosting house parties, etc.
-setting chapter goals
-improving connectedness to local publications to increase local visibility
-considering the joining of the local Chamber of Commerce or Rotary
-expanding the use of social media
-bumper stickers


Chapter adjourned and agreed to hold next meeting on February 20th, same time and location

Respectfully submitted,
Tom Sterne