January 27 2018 Portland Minutes

January 24, 2018, 7 PM
Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church
524 Allen Avenue, Portland​

Members present: Hillary Barter, Nancy Bogg, John Brewer, Dan Bryant, chair, Dianna Cundy, Ed Cundy, Jaculin McCallum, Marilyn McWilliams, Ann Morrill, Robert Morrill, Nancy O’Hagan, Delene Perley, Elizabeth Torraca, David Wilcock

1 – Introductions

2 – Minutes of December 5, 2017 were approved

3 – Board update:

Marilyn reported that the Communications Committee has submitted a mission statement and key principles to the Board for approval. The Board has reviewed the budget and hope to be able to hire an Executive Director in April and maybe field organizers in June. The Board is seeking new members, especially someone with legal or small business experience. The Task Force’s fiscal analysis in June will be done by the Maine Center for Economic Policy. MTSUH, a group of Maine physicians who support universal healthcare, has asked us to help support their activities. We have agreed to support them when we can, noting we will be seeking their support in the future.

Delene reported that the Education and Communications Committee recognized Nancy O”Hagan’s help. A volunteer in Rockland has offered to help make a video to be put on YouTube which could then be shared on social media. Beth Franklin is hoping to organize some more house parties. Delene encouraged us to call Sen. Angus King who has not yet signed on the Sanders’ Healthcare for All bill.

4 – Recent chapter actions/involvements:

Scones Group meeting, Dec. 12- was attended by Phil & Marilyn who reported that they asked the hard questions but nothing is happening.

Health Care Task Force, Dec. 20 & Jan. 22.

-Co-Chair Heather Sanborn (from Marilyn’s district) focused the discussion.

-Some of our group were there and spoke including Liz whose comments had generated considerable interest from the Task Force. When asked to tell us about it, she related that she had told them that she didn’t believe personal stories and shaming was the way to “move the needle”; what’s broken is coupling healthcare with employment. Universal healthcare would relieve businesses of that obligation, increase profit, and allow disenchanted employees to move on.

Data entry party, Jan. 10 – Marilyn reported that we need to not uncheck the “allow email” box.

Recent letters to editor, PPH – Dave Scotton, Larry Kaplan, Ann Morrill, Dianna Cundy

5 – Future actions/involvements:

Next Health Care Task Force meeting is March 2 (9:30-4 PM, Room 220, Cross Office Building, Augusta). Delene will go and maybe Hillary Batter and Ann Morrill.

Southern Maine Workers Center, Jan. 27: Delene will go.

UNE, Feb. 16 8:00. Abbie Ryder is presenting. It’s a mandated class but they said they will hold 3 chairs for us. Marilyn hopes to go.

6 – 2018 Portland chapter goals

Call Sen. King and remind him how heavily 2nd District voted for expanding Medicaid. Citizen impact is measured more in number of individual contacts than in group actions. Ann will find out which of his staffers handles healthcare.

Increase chapter members: Start planning a schedule of events for us to collect signatures. Elizabeth will try to figure out Doodle Calendar. Hillary will help Dan identify events and secure permissions including the polling places for the June election. (Chris Cayer probably has that contact list.)

Funding: Marilyn said the Board is applying for grants & hoping to hire back Chris & Brian for field organizing and fundraising. She encouraged everyone to commit to making a monthly donation of any amount. She also suggested an email to our list suggesting “Even if you are unable to attend the meetings, you can support MAC with a monthly donation”.

Business/organization endorsements– Delene has updated/simplified the Business Endorsement form and will send it to Dan to include with the next agenda. There was a list of area businesses attached to the last agenda. Dan asked everyone to review it and see if we know any that we could ask to sign endorsements.

Presentations (films, discussions): Suggested venues-churches, school boards, piggyback on existing events, show the short film on local access channels, survey candidates (Marilyn will contact Bill Clark about his survey questions), SMWC is doing a candidate forum on Feb. 1st.

LTE relating Key Principles to current events: Dan has a list of members willing to write letters that he will update and send it to Ann and Elizabeth who will contact the list when there is an item in the paper relating to our Key Principles. Dan will contact Mike Bacon to see if he is also willing to do this.

NationBuilder: Elizabeth recommended <https://nuwber.com/address/cities/me> and <https://www.conakat.com/us/maine> to help decode illegible writing on the yellow cards.

7 – Next meeting – February 28, Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist church, 7 PM


Elizabeth Oatley