January 11 2018 Waldo Minutes


January 11, 2018


Introductions & Leadership Remarks The group began with introductions from the fourteen attendees attending from our local towns.

Art Shea of Brooks welcomed the attendees and introduced himself as the Chapter “hub” leader and Mike Ray of Lincolnville as the co-leader.  He described the Chapter’s purpose as being one of education at this point.



Minutes The meeting minutes from December 7th were reviewed. The minutes were accepted.
State Board President Henk Goorhuis, president of the state Maine AllCare board, attended the meeting and made some initial comments. He has been board president for 1 ½ years, and involved in the effort for 3 years.

He presented the remarks that he will be giving to the legislature’s Task Force charged with studying several options for covering all Mainers.  The group discussed how to sway the opinions of panel members that were already fixed in their views.

There is a Mathematica 2002 study on the cost and feasibility of universal coverage in Maine.




Dr Goorhuis opined that the Task Force is a public demonstration, and that the serious work will be in 2019 when bills are introduced.  He reminded us that the Task Force will accept writtimony.

Financial Report Petty Cash for the Waldo Chapter is at $211.

Steve discussed the idea that projector be purchased by the Chapter for our various educational events planned, and for these meetings (trainings, viewings, etc).  $115 additional was raised toward a projector at the last meeting, and at this meeting another $75 was donated.  Steve had done research with Erik Klausmeyer about the features we will need and the models that Eric recommends we buy.  The two recommendations cost just under $300.

Henk Goorhuis clarified that the Chapter is not a state-recognized non-profit, so donations are not tax deductible unless donated through the state organization and designated as for the Waldo County Chapter.


MOTION:  Approved to purchase a projector for the Chapter for under $300.


Event Planning A.    Community Event – Jennifer Hill presented an update on the broad-participation event idea.  She said the event would be geared to name-recognition for Maine AllCare and not necessarily fund raising.  Most venues were deemed to be too expensive, but with support from the new mayor, the Belfast Boathouse may be an affordable venue.

B.     Business Sponsor House Party  – Paul Robie outlined a sub-committee’s work on a House Party being planned for business leaders from the database to be held on March 8th, 6 – 10 pm.  The goal wil be to engage businesses to spread the ideas, and not necessarily to fund-raise.   A number of business leaders have been expressed interest already:

·         Anne Saggese at Sweet Henry’s

·         Phyllis Rackliffe of Purple Baboon

·         Ellie Daniels at Green Store

·         Diane Martin at Deborah Lincoln House

·         Marsha Kaplan at Left Bank Books

Chapter members are asked to nominate businesses to contact; send names and contact info to steverryanme@gmail.com

 A subcommittee was formed to develop a model for a community event in the spring, and report back to this meeting in February.


Next Meeting All 2018 meetings are all planned on the 2nd Thursday of each month in the Abbott Room.

Art Shea will be away for the March meeting; Mike Ray will chair the meeting.

Next meeting is Thursday February 8th from 6:30 to 8 pm at the Belfast Free Library. 

Prepared by:  Steve Ryan, Belfast  (Waldo County Chapter Scribe)