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Please check out our Calendar for all Maine AllCare events and related activities.

House parties – a personal way to spread the message of universal health care

Stonington ME – March 12, 2017

Sue and Stan Bergen were the gracious hosts for over a dozen interested friends and neighbors of the screening of FIX IT - Healthcare at the Tipping Pointa documentary that reaches across the political divide to expand support for fundamental health care reform. To quote from the producers: The film takes an in-depth look at how our dysfunctional health care system damages our economy suffocating our businesses, discouraging physicians and negatively impacting on the nation's health, while remaining un-affordable for a third of our citizens. You can watch the film, both the tralier and the full 58 minute feature, here.

Members of Maine AllCare Downeast Chapter, Lynn Chaney, Kevin Hunt and Joe Lendvai were on hand to answer questions following the film. While virtually everyone present agreed with the economic logic of a publicly funded health care system, people asked questions about the transition phase from today’s for profit insurance to a publicly funded system, such as, who will pay for it during the initial changeover? When will there be enough money to run the system smoothly? How will the new system be managed? And by whom? Can a state level system survive? Should it be a national system instead, such as extended Medicare?

There was vigorous discussion of these and other questions. The consensus was that we, the state of Maine, need an updated comprehensive economic study of a single payer option, the current system, and perhaps one other choice. Stay tuned.

Fix It viewing in Stonington

Some of attendees of the FIX IT screening in the Stonington. Please email us at if you would like to host a house party, including a film screening and discussion; we’ll provide the film and the speakers – FREE.

A sea of signs – Time for Action

Portland ME – Maine AllCare members and hundreds of other supporters of “Health Care for All” were out on January 15th, 2017 in cities and towns around the nation to make our voices heard. We’d love to see your pictures from your hometown event supporting universal health care and the common good. Send them to If you would like to get involved in our work to bring health care to everyone in Maine, please contact one of our Chapters. Thank you. Please click on the photo to see more.

Health care rally

Visualize Healthcare – Who should live and who should die?

A 4-part video story that is informative, humorous and touching

The Allen Avenue UU (A2U2) Healthcare Interest Group in Portland has been sharing powerful health care stories around the state in 2015, including a flag-waving based visualization titled, “Who should live and who should die?” The 35-minute performance is incorporated into the regular Sunday service. Members of the group, some of whom are also members of Maine AllCare, share their own experiences as a nurse, a physician, and an insurance broker, while relating stories of persons who have suffered due to a lack of health insurance, and ways other countries have chosen to solve their health care problems and protect all their citizens.

If your church or social group would like to host the Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church “flag-wavers for healthcare” as part of your Sunday service, please write to and let us know the details: who, what, when, etc. This is a free program, appropriate for all ages.

Please click on Part 1 below to begin the four-part presentation.

Part 2 of 4. TRT 10:04
Part 3 of 4. TRT 8:25
Part 4 of 4. TRT 12:47


Massive vote in support of health care as a "human right" at 2015 Common Ground Fair

Common Ground FairCommon Ground Fair

Unity, Maine – We asked a very simple question, "Do you believe that health care is human right?" It was part of MaineAllCare's second annual "Ping Pong Poll" conducted during the recent Common Ground Fair. (We use ping pong balls for ballots).The response was overwhelming, with 496 Yes votes and 7 No votes.

Common Ground Fair

Bill Eaton welcomed visitors to the Maine AllCare table at the Social ad Political Action Area of the 2015 Common Ground Country Fair. Our Ping Pong Poll, shown in front, was the most popular activity for the second year; this time over 500 people "voted", with all but 7 supporting the idea that "health care is a human right".

Common Ground Fair

One of nearly a hundred families signing our Maine AllCare Subscriber List. We send periodic emails about events and issues of interest to Mainers concerned about the future of health care in our state.

Maine AllCare volunteers who staffed our table and display expressed satisfaction at the high level of interest shown by the hundreds of people who strolled through the tents at the Social ad Political Action Area. Young people in general were very positive and supportive of the idea and need for universal access to health care for everyone, without any barriers. "How can anyone be against providing health care?", asked one teenage boy who stopped by with some of his friends.

Many asked questions about what other states are doing to achieve universal health care. The case of Vermont was brought up a number of times. People wanted to know what happened to stall their efforts. The short answer is that Governor Peter Shumlin could not withstand the political pressure by special interest groups with millions to lose if a publicly funded system was implemented. We will cover this issue in the near future.

Another topic was the current legislative work underway in Colorado, Initiative #20 (to be on the 2016 state ballot), a resident owned, non-gvernmental health care financing system that would cover all residents for less than the current system. We will have a specific article on our Home page explaining the details within the coming weeks.

In the meantime, if YOU would like to arrange a health care forum in your community, we'll provide a qualified speaker and an award-winning movie FREE. Just let us know when and where and we'll work out the details together. Please send us an email sharing your ideas and plans and we'll be glad to help.

According to Common Ground Fair, this year had the most visitors ever with over 65,000 people coming to enjoy the many offerings, including arts, crafts, food, lectures, demonstrations and exhibits.

Common Ground Fair

All three days, from Friday through Sunday, September 25-27, 2015 turned out to beautiful and sunny, perfect for fairgoers picnicking on The Commons.

Drs. Pease and Clark present Grand Rounds at Maine Coast Memorial Hospital in Ellsworth

April 14, 2015 by Joe Lendvai

Maine AllCare president Julie Pease, MD and speakers bureau member Bill Clark, MD

Maine AllCare president Julie Pease, MD and speakers bureau member Bill Clark, MD pose after their Grand Rounds presentation in the “classroom” at Ellsworth hospital.

Maine AllCare was invited by Dr. Daniel Reinke, Medical Director of the Ellsworth MCMH Emergency Department to present the April 2015 Grand Rounds to the professional staff. There were about 30 physicians attending, plus another 20 or so watching online.

Dr. Julie Pease, president of Maine AllCare, and Dr. Bill Clark member of our Speakers Bureau teamed up to give their joint slide presentation, “Healthcare for All Maine”.

Dr. Clark spoke about former Medicare administrator Dr. Don Berwick's "Triple Aim" theme: better care, better health, lower cost. Dr. Pease tackled the Vermont situation which Dr. Reinke specifically asked that we cover. She reviewed the extensive history of Vermont's decades-long efforts and concluded with "lessons for Maine". We need to have an open process that engages every business and every person in developing a fair financing plan for universal care; our goal is to make sure everyone understands the benefits of a publicly funded system.

Entrance to East Coast Memorial Hospital Emergency Department in Ellsworth.

Entrance to East Coast Memorial Hospital Emergency Department in Ellsworth.

The general response was favorable, however we did get push back from (via anecdote) a couple of people. One person asked about the very high cost of medical lawsuits and long waiting times in Canada in order to see a specialist. A second person spoke about Greek doctors' pay being a pittance, $1500 per month – an issue which may be of interest to some, but not exactly central to our goal of universal access to health care here in Maine. We had about ten minutes for Q&A.




Mid-Maine Community Forum in Pittsfield

Trudy Ferland, organizer of the Mid-Maine Community Forum, pictured on right, introduces two of the guest speakers on universal health care, Maine AllCare board members Charlie Priest and Alice Knapp

Trudy Ferland, organizer of the Mid-Maine Community Forum, pictured on right, introduces two of the guest speakers on universal health care, Maine AllCare board members Charlie Priest and Alice Knapp

At the invitation of the Mid-Maine Community Forum, Maine AllCare Board members Charlie Priest and Alice Knapp traveled to Pittsfield on April 9, 2015 to present The HealthCare Movie and speak to the compelling need for a single payer universal healthcare system in Maine. The Forum, like Maine AllCare a volunteer run organization, stated its impressive mission in the program for the evening: “In the spirit of the individual’s free and responsible search for truth and meaning, the Mid-Maine Community Forum prompts participants to become informed and inspired to initiate positive change in themselves, their community, and the world.”

The event was held in the beautiful First Universalist Church of Pittsfield. Audience members included small business people, academics, students, retirees and other civic minded individuals who asked Charlie and Alice many questions after their presentations. “What happens with Medicare if Maine were to adopt single payer healthcare?” “Why is business distrustful of government?” “What is the plan to get Maine to a referendum on single payer healthcare?”

Wearing a bright red t-shirt to symbolize Healthcare as a Human Right, community organizer Cait Vaughn explains the goals of the survey initiated by the Southern Maine Workers Center

Wearing a bright red t-shirt to symbolize “Healthcare as a Human Right”, community organizer Cait Vaughn explains the goals of the survey initiated by the Southern Maine Workers Center

Cait Vaughn of the Southern Maine Workers Center and Health Care is a Human Right Campaign also joined Charlie and Alice in Pittsfield. Cait spoke a few words about the Campaign and invited attendees to speak with her after the presentation to learn more about her work, take the Campaign’s survey and tell their health care stories.


Health care reform in Maine – an ongoing discussion

Health care reform in Maine

Joe Sirois, organizer of the Rumford showing of The HEALTHCARE Movie and community discussion makes a point on how to extend access to health care for all Mainers. Joe and his wife Ann also staffed our Maine AllCare information table at the 2014 Common Ground Fair, held in Unity, Maine. (Click to see more)

Rumford – On Thursday, October 9 2014, a beautiful autumn day in Oxford County, Maine AllCare held yet another free showing of the award-winning documentary, The Healthcare Movie. Members of our Speakers Bureau, Alan Morse and Joe Lendvai led the discussion and fielded questions from a small but very engaged and supportive audience.







Maine AllCare at the COMMON GROUND FAIR

Maine AllCare at the COMMON GROUND FAIR

Please click on photo to see more snapshots of Maine AllCare at the Common Ground Fair.

Unity, Maine – Hundreds of visitors stopped by the Maine AllCare table at the Common Ground Fair to ask questions and share their views about our health care system, how it's working (or not) and how we can transform it into a universal system that covers everyone.

The most popular activity turned out to be the "ping-pong vote". We had a basket full of ping-pong balls that served as ballots which people put in either the YES or NO slot of the question box which asked: Do you believe that health care is a human right? To say that the vote was lopsided is an understatement. By early afternoon Friday, September 19th, the first day of the Fair, we had 134 YES votes and 5 NO votes. Among those saying no, one person chose to vote twice, minutes apart; apparently his antagonism got the better of his sense of fairness.

Saturday and Sunday the results were similar, with virtually everyone favoring the idea of health care as a human right. Thanks to each of you who came by, asked questions, or shared your story.

Senior docs in Maine strongly support single-payer

Senior docs in Maine strongly support single-payer

Maine AllCare vice president Phil Caper, MD gestures to make a point at meeting of senior docs as Rep. Charlie Priest looks on.

MANCHESTER – A discussion of the desirability of switching to a single-payer health care system for the people of Maine was conducted by MAC Board members Philip Caper, M.D., Senator Geoff Gratwick, M.D. and Representative Charlies Priest under the auspices of the Senior Section of the Maine Medical Association on August 20, 2014 at the Association's headquarters in Manchester Maine.

About 50 physicians attended, the largest turnout in the history of the Senior Section programs. The participants spent over 90 minutes discussing the pros and cons of converting the people of Maine from our present private-insurance dominated system to one more closely resembling a single-payer system, and was held as a follow-up to the recent 2014 poll of MMA members showing 64% of Maine physicians answering the poll favored a single-payer system, up from 52% in 2008.

A straw poll at the end of the session showed that, although there were some strong opponents in the room, almost 90% of those attending the session favored a single-payer system at the end of the discussion.

Learning, Sharing and Celebrating

Learning, Sharing and  Celebrating MaineAllcare

PORTLAND - Maine AllCare board member Jim Perley, center, with other leaders at the August 16, 2014 greater Portland community celebration of Health Care is a Human Right (HCHR) campaign. The Southern Maine Workers Center initiated the idea along with the Maine Nurses Association and the Portland chapter of NAACP. The event included balloons for the kids, a free clinic, teach-in speakers and local artists showing their work – all to advance the cause of universal health care here in Maine.



Maine AllCare at the Belfast HarborFest

Belfast – August 16, 2014

Maine AllCare volunteers and board members spent an enjoyable and productive Saturday, August 16th at the Belfast HarborFest. This free, family-friendly public event was sponsored by the Belfast Rotary Club. Many "thanks" to the Rotarians and to John Carrick, President, for inviting Maine AllCare.

We had a chance to listen to personal stories about people who still struggle to receive – and even more importantly, to pay for – needed health care services. A grandmother from Massachusetts, a doctor from Minneapolis, a physician's assistant from Maine, and Belfast residents who stopped by our table all agreed that universal access to healthcare is a good thing. In fact, it's essential to the overall health and economic success of our state.

Maine AllCare at the Belfast HarborFest

Maine AllCare Speakers Bureau member Pat Carrick and our newest volunteer, Liz Solet listen to a Belfast resident's "health care challenge" story.

They encouraged us to continue our education and advocacy. Even without the latest data (see graph below) that shows Americans are paying 50%-280% percent more than people in other developed countries, people who spoke with us said that we need a new system, not a fix like the Affordable Care Act. One that's fair and affordable and covers everyone. A simple, easy-to-use system that is publicly funded and accountable to the people, such as Medicare for All.

Please join the hundreds of supporters of universal health care in Maine by subscribing to our periodic emails that help keep you informed about major health care-related issues in Maine, as well as upcoming community events sponsored by Maine AllCare. In addition, we'd like to encourage you to check Dr. Phil Caper's "Daily News Clips", a blog that includes top stories from around the nation about health care reform. Joe Lendvai, Communications – Maine AllCare

Heath Care Costs

Americans pay significantly more for health care than people in other developed countries – yet, while these other countries cover everyone, we do not; and they have better outcomes!




Rockland First Universalist Church Hosts Maine AllCare Community Dialog

Rockland First Universalist Church Hosts Maine AllCare Community Dialog

Rockland – A well-informed audience participated on May 10th in a lively discussion about how best educate the Maine electorate on the next phase of health care reform in our state. After viewing The Healthcare Movie, an ward-winning documentary that compares the American and Canadian health systems, people shared personal stories about the financial challenges faced by those without health insurance. There was a consensus that educating the public about moving to a universal, publicly funded system should continue to be priority one for Maine AllCare.

If you are interested in helping us spread the word about the clear economic benefits of universal health care here in Maine, please write to us and put "Yes, I will speak ..." in the Subject line. We will train you to make factual, persuasive presentations about "Why Maine Needs Health Care for All?" Please join us. Together we can help make affordable health care for all Mainers a reality.

Dover-Foxcroft hosts Maine AllCare film and community dialog on health care for all

Center Theater Dover Foxcroft Maine

The Center Theatre in Dover-Foxcroft advertising the Maine AllCare sponsored The Healthcare Movie and community conversation. Maine AllCare vice president Dr. Phil Caper and board member Joe Lendvai were on hand to answer questions from a small, but diverse audience that included physicians, political candidates and small business owners. The community dialog included a brief presentation by Erin Callaway, Healthy Community Project Coordinator, about the Piscataquis County health survey she is conducting on behalf of the UMaine Center on Aging.

January 9, 2014 – An Inspiring Day
Dozens of Mainers Testify for Single-payer Health Care

LD 1345 dozens of mainers testify for single payer healthcareRepresentative Charlie Priest (D-Brunswick) sponsor of LD 1345, a universal single payer bill, presents his testimony to the Join Committee on Insurance and Financial Services on January 9, 2014 in Augusta.

LD 1345 dozens of mainers testify for single payer healthcare Dozens of single payer advocates crowded into the hearing room in anticipation of testifying in person in support of LD 1345, An Act To Establish a Single- Payor Health Care System To Be Effective in 2017. Maine public radio and the Associated Press covered both our Maine AllCare press conference and the hearings. Please see here for details of individual written presentations.

LD 1345 dozens of mainers testify for single payer healthcare
The original 36-page bill, LD 1345

LD 1345 amended
The bill, LD 1345, as amended into a Resolve to do a study and three designs for universal health care in Maine

Maine AllCare Speaking Tour Under Way

Maine AllCare Blue Hill Library meetingThe Alliance for Democracy, Peninsula Peace and Justice and Maine AllCare sponsored a joint community event about health care reform at the Blue Hill Library. We screened The Healthcare Movie and held a lively Q&A session. A number of participants signed up to participate in future Maine AllCare activities, including forming a local Peninsula Chapter of Maine AllCare. If you live on the Blue Hill peninsula and interested in becoming more active in our single payer advocacy, please contact Joe Lendvai at or call 359-8306.

Portland – Maine AllCare at the movies
Maine AllCare Fall Speaking TourWe had a great night at the Portland Nickelodeon Cinemas on Thursday, October 24th, with a good crowd, given the competition with the Red Sox playing the second game of the World Series, a BB King blues concert, and a community meeting about the legalization of marihuana. Thank you all who helped organize the event, and to everyone who came to see The Healthcare Movie. Many of you participated in the spirited discussion that followed the screening; as a result, you have more information about the need to keep health care reform moving toward its logical conclusion, health care for everyone.

A special thanks to the producers, Laurie Simons and Terry Sterrenberg, who continue to work towards achieving universal healthcare in the U.S. Please let us know if you would like to schedule a showing for your organization. A Maine AllCare board member will be pleased to speak and act as moderator at your local event.

Some of the audience at the October 24th screening of The Healthcare Movie at the Portland Nickelodeon Cinemas.

Farmington – On September 11, 2013, a group of about 30 Farmington, ME area residents gathered to watch The Healthcare Movie and participate in a discussion chaired by Alice Knapp, Esq.

The group, which included working adults, a local state representative, retirees, students and several physicians, found the movie thought-provoking and inspirational. Alice Knapp provided additional information on the history, thus far, of bringing about equitable healthcare in Maine and current action being taken. She fielded questions from the audience about this complex area of concern including how to address the fear that opponents of single payer healthcare express, and how to resolve not being able to pay for either insurance or the penalty for not having insurance.

It was a stimulating evening of discussion and our thanks go to John Sytsma for organizing this event. —by Lisl Fuson

Biddeford speaking tourBiddeford – About 30 citizens interested in seeing Maine move toward a universal health care system gathered at McArthur Library in Biddeford on August 13th to watch the film, “The Healthcare Movie.” Following the movie, participants questioned the film’s creators and directors, Terry Sterrenberg and Laurie Simons, about their thoughts on how to bring about a change to the way we pay for health care in Maine. Maine AllCare president Julie Pease MD served as moderator.


Ellsworth – After screening the condensed, 27-minute version of The Healthcare Movie, an attentive audience asked guest speaker and Maine AllCare vice president Dr. Phil Caper a broad range of questions about "who is doing what" at the state level in moving toward universal care. A big "thank you" to the Downeast Humanists and Free Thinkers for hosting this informational public meeting on June 27th at the Ellsworth City Hall about the "Possibilities for Universal Heath Care in Maine".

Ellsworth speaking tourA number of people felt that Maine AllCare should model its advocacy and education efforts on the successful gay rights campaign, and to personalize the issue. Another key question that came up repeatedly was, where will the money come from to cover the uninsured (and underinsured)? The simple and well documented answer: from the savings realized by creating an efficient, and cost-effective single payer system of health care financing that will save about one third of the total cost we're already paying as a state today – yet, without covering over 10 percent of our adult population.


Belfast – On June 10th the historic Belfast Free Library was host to a public screening of The Healthcare Movie, co-sponsored by the Belfast Coop and Maine AllCare. The discussion and Q&A following the one hour film ranged from how health care systems function in other countries, to what lessons may be learned form sales training to better inform the public on the values – economic and moral – of universal healthcare. Board members Alice Knapp, an attorney from Richmond and Bruce Vermeulen a retired economist, were on hand to answer questions from a diverse audience of about 45 people. Joe Lendvai served as moderator.

One of the attendees talked about his experience with the Japanese health system – how extensive and effective it is. Others wanted to know what Maine AllCare is doing in getting the message out and whether we know what is going on in other states. We discussed the progress our neighbor Vermont is making towards achieving universal, single payer health care; how, unlike Maine, they are taking every financial advantage offered by the Affordable Care Act.

If your organization, church or club would like a speaker on how we can have health care for everyone in Maine, please contact us. We would be happy to participate.


Bar Harbor speaking tourBar Harbor – The audience got a special treat after the screening of The Healthcare Movie on Saturday evening, May 4th at the Jesup Memorial Library in Bar Harbor. The producers of the film were on hand to answer questions about the differences between the Canadian and U.S. health care systems. Canada has a national system called Medicare that covers everyone. It is paid for through taxes and administered on a provincial basis. The result, Canada has one of the highest life expectancies and lowest infant mortality rates in the world. Economist and Maine AllCare Board member Bruce Vermeulen and Dr. Phil Caper, together with moderator Joe Lendvai guided the discussion, much of which centered on what is the best strategy to achieve universal health care. The simple answer, join Maine AllCare and work with us in spreading the word.


Farmington speaking tourFarmington – "Where our health care dollars are going and what can we do about it?" was the theme of a well attended public forum on health care financing on April 30th at Franklin Memorial Hospital. Dr. Julie Pease, president of Maine AllCare, gave the keynote address that compared health care costs and outcomes among industrialized countries. The bottom line, we in the U.S. pay at least twice as much as other nations, yet we lag behind in overall health. An expert panel answered questions form audience, some of them pointed and personal, such as, "who benefits when people with mental illness are thrown off Mainecare"? And, 'how can everyone in Maine get affordable health care coverage?"

Editor's Note: Here are some more extensive notes about the event by Dr. John Sytsma, key organizer of the Farmington Forum.

A small town in Western Maine hosted an exciting Free Public Forum on Healthcare Financing organized by John Sytsma, M.D. of PNHP on April 30, sponsored by Maine AllCare, and held at Farmington's Franklin Memorial Hospital. Forty-five local citizens and six Maine AllCare board members witnessed an inspiring presentation and panel discussion that lasted well over two hours. Under Maine AllCare's colorful banner, their chair of communications, Joe Lendvai gave an introductory A/V presentation outlining the problems we are facing and the work of Maine AllCare. He introduced Dr. Julie Pease, President of Maine AllCare who gave a personal account of her psychiatric practice under a single payer system in New Zealand, as well as a host of statistics and graphs highlighting the U.S. fiscal morass. Two more Maine AllCAre members, Alice Knapp, Esq., and Phil Caper, M.D. and an economist, Garrett Martin, then joined Dr. Pease to form a panel, each making brief presentations, and then opening the meeting up for questions.

Dr. Caper compared our for-profit, insurance based system with single payer systems the world over. Generally they are independent, publicly funded, non-profit systems that pays for everyoneʼs healthcare. Garrett Martin pointed out how our healthcare expenditures are the main driving force behind our National Debt, and how many of our personal economic decisions are related to healthcare expenses. Alice Knapp was clear about the immoral basis for our system, how it corrodes our democracy, and creates an artificial and bitter divide between the haves and the have-nots. Many more issues were raised regarding profit-making, fear, ignorance and greed, as well as the search for strategies and solutions.

There was a consensus as the meeting progressed, that our aim should remain to educate the public, and to prepare for the day when we can opt out of the ACA in 2017. Then a groundswell of public opinion can support a referendum to bring about a single payer system. Meanwhile, a Western Maine chapter of Maine All Care will be formed to spread the word.


Southwest Harbor speaking tourSouthwest Harbor – Surrounded by members of Acadia Senior College, Maine AllCare board member Alice Knapp spoke about the economics of health care, held at Sips Cafe on March 1st. During the Q&A following the presentation Ms. Knapp answered a broad range of questions including: how consumers can be protected, health care extended to all who need it, costs controlled, insurers regulated, and professionals, including physicians and hospitals, fairly compensated – all through a universal, single payer system.

Calais speaking tour

Calais – Alice Knapp (standing), together with Maine AllCare board members Joe Lendvai (center) and Dr. Phil Caper (not shown) visited with members of the Calais Rotary Club and discussed how a single-payer, universal health care system can cover all Mainers – today over 127,000 of us are uninsured – for no more than what we currently pay as a state. This well-attended program was held on February 6th at the Washington County Community College.


Ellsworth speaking tourEllsworth – Maine AllCare VP Dr. Phil Caper presented a program on our health care system, comparing it to the Canadian national system in terms of cost, access and outcomes.  The evening's of discussion included showing the abbreviated version of The Healthcare Movie, to help get the audience up to speed on Canada's health system called "Medicare". The findings: they pay less (just a little over half of US costs), have universal coverage and better outcomes. The audience was attentive and engaged; a number of people expressed interest in helping Maine AllCare with future events.

Portland – Dr. Julie Pease and Dr. Phil Caper made a joint presentation at a well-attended Medical Grand Rounds on January 9th at Maine Medical Center. It is part of Maine AllCare's state-wide educational initiative about the many benefits of implementing a universal health care system here in Maine.


Machias speaking tourMachias – Dr. Phil Caper, right, speaking with Larry Finnegan, Vice President of the Machias Rotary Club before the November 27th Maine AllCare screening of The HEALTHCARE Movie at the Bluebird Ranch Family Restaurant in Machias. The film was followed by a Q&A session and discussion led by Dr. Caper about how universal health care will benefit small businesses and everyone else in Maine. A measure of the evening's success was summarized by club member and program co-ordinator Wayne Peters, who said in an understatement, " one left early."

Portland stop on Maine AllCare Fall Speaking TourPortland: Maine AllCare board member Phil Caper and volunteer Beth Franklin moderated a public discussion on November 15th at the Think Tank in Portland. The documentary, The HEALTHCARE Movie, was followed by a very lively discussion by those in attendance, including doctors, small business owners, building contractors, students, and concerned citizens, on how to move toward universal health care for all Maine people.

There was solid agreement and support among the audience for a single payer system that provides universal access to health care for everyone in Maine.

Maine AllCare Fall Speaking Tour

Presque Isle: An extensive discussion followed a presentation on universal health care by Maine AllCare board members Dr. Phil Caper and Joe Lendvai on Tuesday, October 2nd at the Turner Memorial Library. Those attending included doctors, teachers, small business owners, and a number of candidates running for the state Legislature.

Maine AllCare Fall Speaking Tour

Jim Fisher, host of Common Health on WERU community radio, recorded this event and produced a concise, edited version. You can listen to this interesting and informative discussion here.

Blue Hill: A Community Forum and Expert Panel discussion on Universal Health Care was sponsored by Maine AllCare and co-sposored by Alliance for Democracy, Occupy Blue Hill and Peninsula Peace and Justice on Wednesday, October 10, 2012 at the Blue Hill Town Hall. The meeting focused on how a universal, non-profit approach will allow Maine businesses to be more competitive.

Norway: Dr. Julie Pease, President of Maine AllCare, was the guest speaker at the Fare Share Commons in Norway on October 18, 2012. The evening began with the screening of the recently released film The HEALTHCARE Movie. It was followed by an extensive Q&A session on issues relating to universal health care, and how it will reduce costs while covering everyone in Maine.

Biddeford: Maine AllCare board member Alice Knapp was guest lecturer at the New England College of Osteopathic Medicine Medicine on October 19, 2012. Ms. Knapp, an attorney and former head of Consumer Protection for the Maine Bureau of Insurance spoke to the Health Policy Fellowship Class of 2013. She addressed the theme of Universal Health Care with Single Payer System by stating: "There are three imperatives underlying our call for single payer healthcare: the moral imperative, the fiscal imperative and the political imperative."