Dec 7 2017 Waldo Minutes


December 7, 2017


Introductions & Leadership Remarks The group began with introductions from the fourteen attendees attended from our local towns.

Art Shea introduced himself as the Chapter Leader as agreed at past meetings, and introduced Mike Ray of Lincolnville as the new volunteer Co-Leader.  He described the Chapter’s purpose as being one of education at this point. Speaking to and recruiting supporters is the primary focus for now in preparation for more intensive 2019-2020 legislative activity.

Art discussed the process of entering supporter names and contact information into the statewide database, largely being done by Ann Marshall, Chapter Data Czar. Additional Data Entry volunteers are needed; there are thousands more to enter statewide and it takes about 3 minutes per supporter card.

Although not completely entered yet, the Waldo County Chapter data shows that there are 27 that have attended meetings and are actively involved at this point.  Our Chapter has 737 total supporters who have cards entered, including 501 from Belfast, 54 from Waldo, 53 from Searsport, and 32 from Lincolnville.  56 of them say they are willing to join the Chapter meetings and 144 say they are willing to volunteer in some way.

Overall, 20 Waldo County supporters have donated $825 to the state fundraising efforts.  Several stories were told suggesting that some money donated may not have been earmarked as from Waldo County.

How we reach out and engage these prospective members was discussed. Chapter leaders were encouraged to act in a timely manner to reach out to as many potential members and volunteers as possible. It was discussed that more activities by more members would be more effective.  The “Leadership” concept was discussed and consensus was reached that the Chapter could function like a “hub and spokes” instead of the hierarchical “leadership” model.  “The Hub” was adopted as the image of the chapter activists who focused on organizing the meetings and the Chapter.














Chapter leadership, referred to as the Hub, will develop a proposal for reaching out to engage prospective members.

Additional Chapter members can be invited to the Hub meetings if they are motivated to help with the work, but the practical size of the Hub group could be an issue.

Minutes The meeting minutes from November 9 were reviewed and Discussed.  It was clarified that the fundraising targets for our Chapter were suggestions and not formally adopted.  The minutes were accepted. No fundraising targets for our Chapter are set at this time.
Financial Report Petty Cash for the Waldo Chapter is at $109.  Steve Ryan proposed that a projector be purchased by the Chapter for our various educational events planned, and for these meetings (trainings, viewings, etc).  Some wished to postpone the purchase, but a number of members volunteered donations right at that time.  $115 additional was raised toward a projector, with at least two models costing under $100.

A Waldo County Fundraising page is operational, but the Hub members are still learning how to use it.  We may have a demonstration and training on it at a future meeting.

Before buying a Chapter projector, Ann will try to find some information about product quality, and Steve will ask Eric Klausmeyer who has some experience with equipment as a DJ.


  House Parties Paul & Karen reported on their attendance at a Bangor Chapter House Party.  It was not focused on fundraising but rather on education.  The Chapter promoted it through Facebook and it was effective.  Serving drinks seemed to be a key element!

A Waldo House Party was discussed.  The group evolved into two distinct event preferences, one for House Parties with more educational focus and some fundraising aspect, and another with large awareness events being preferred.  Jennifer & Jan would like to hold a larger dance for Valentine’s Day to build awareness, especially with a younger group.  Steve & Jim would like to hold a more standard House Party.




Both groups will explore some details, and be prepared for additional detailed planning at the January 11th  meeting.

Event Planning Movie Showings – showings will be put on the back burner while other education and fundraising events are being launched.  Movies can be shown at House Party or dance events.

Business Sponsors – Some have been spoken to:

·         Anne Saggese at Sweet Henry’s

·         Ellie Daniels at Green Store

·         Diane Martin at Deborah Lincoln House

·         Marsha Kaplan at Left Bank Books




Sponsorship by Waldo Chapter The “Indivisible” group is holding a Democratic Congressional District 2 candidate debate on Jan 21st.  Our Chapter discussed whether our group would want to have our name included as sponsoring the event.  It may help to make it more likely that there is a question for the candidates about universal health coverage.  The group discussed if this would reflect on our non-partisan status, and concluded that it should not since Indivisible maintains it is non-partisan also. The Chapter voted to be listed as supporting the Indivisible event on Jan 21st, pending confirmation by our State board.
Next Meeting All 2018 meetings are all planned on the 2nd Thursday of each month in the Abbott Room. Next meeting is Thursday January 11th from 6:30 to 8 pm at the Belfast Free Library.  

Prepared by:  Steve Ryan, Belfast  (Waldo County Chapter Scribe)