August 2017: Greater Brunswick Area Minutes


(formerly Midcoast)

Attending: Bill Clark, Abbie Ryder, Jean Sawyer, Virginia Derr, Marla Davis, Charlie Priest, Delene Perley,
Don Leaver, Frederick Lancaster, Bill Eaton, Gail Eaton. Minutes: Gail Eaton

Introductions were made and agenda reviewed.

Board member Delene Perley reviewed the Partner agreement, and we agreed to become active
locally in recruiting businesses and organizations to partner with MAC. with us, and it is attached. See
attachment on Biz benefits that makes the business case for covering all Mainers.

Abbie Ryder reviewed fund raising with us.

  1. Start with chapter members – envelopes were handed out for one time contributions
  2. Abbie will create a donation page for the Brunswick chapter (Done)
  3. We discussed a chapter goal to be reached by the end of November, and decided on $3,000.

Marla is our MidCoast Chapter House Party Organizer

  1. Wendy hosted a house party (“friend-raiser”) that was fun, and everyone became supporters.
  2. Bill Clark and Julie Pease will host a fund-raising house party in September before Julie leaves for
    New Zealand.

Next meeting:
Dates: Wednesday September 20 th
Time: 5:30 to 7:00 PM
Place: UUC, Pleasant Street, Brunswick