April 14 2018 Ellsworth/MDI Minutes

Ellsworth/MDI MAC April 14, 2018 Meeting Minutes

3:30 – 5pm Beth Wright Cancer Resource Center

Present:  Nick Yurlina, Susanne Forest, Jeff Dunn, Sam Bergman, Nadine Lewis, Jean Rohrer, Bruce Becque, Mary Alice Horrigan, Burt Wartell, Janine Lomina


**Scribe: Bruce Becque

**Valerie Dornan is new leader of chapter.  The best way to reach her is by email:

vdornan@maineallcare.org.  Thanks to Bruce for leading the group since its inception and his unflagging enthusiasm and hard work.

**We welcomed Jeff Dunn, a new member of the Maine AllCare Board, to our meeting today.  He and Valerie met last week and spoke about our chapter goals and ways we could possibly be given support.  We welcome this direct contact with the board and look forward to working together.

Jeff report from Board:  King Foundation Grant is to go to research and part of the salary for an Executive Director.


Nadine is our FaceBook person.  Please LIKE and SHARE our FB page, and send any MAC news to her that you would like her to post on it.  It is looking really good.  Thank you, Nadine.  You can get to the page by googling:  FaceBook Ellsworth/MDI Chapter Maine AllCare.


As a result of our presentation at St Dustan’s Episcopal Church, we have two new active volunteers.  Welcome to Mary Horrigan and Nick Yurlina.  We are delighted to have you join us.  They have offered to host a house party (~10-15 people) in their home.   We need to plan this with possible advice from the Blue Hill Chapter.  Valerie will talk to Blue Hill members. Thank you to Jean for organizing this presentation.


Notes from Geoff Gatwick re Task Force Meeting 4/2; update on March 2018 committees formation:

** insurance form simplification

** drug importation

** simple, base plan for everyone in Maine

Website for Task Force:


MECEP Maine Center for Economic Policy could be a candidate to conduct a study.


Jonathan Fulford: House Party at Moore Center 4/15/18;  Valerie will table.


As a chapter we encourage people to attend one (or occasional) meeting so that they are ‘in the loop’ about what we, locally, and MAC, at the state level, are currently doing.

Educating people about SP UHC is vital: lack of education is a big piece of why the Vermont efforts have been unsuccessful.

As the Board says, we are not going to get there with money, we have to educate the people of Maine.


Goals for our chapter:  

  1. Continue work in Ellsworth; show a ‘movie’ at church suppers, table at    Farmer’s Markets, School Board, AARP monthly meeting at Airline Pub, garner support from businesses, etc
  2.  Focus on presentations and house parties on MDI; likely a new chapter will evolve from this.  Suggested venues: Reel Pizza and MDI Indivisible.
  3. Once MDI has taken up the cause, we can then focus on outreach downeast, in the County and perhaps the ‘hole’ between us and Belfast (though maybe Blue Hill/Belfast would do this).  This is a long term goal.
  4. Radio –  Could our chapter get a slot onWeru (Amy Brown) Matt Murphy Gen’l Manager

    The Pulse (WZON) Public Affairs Program

    (maybe this is Bangor Chapter’s turf)  ??

    Valerie has a contact with NPR who has suggested we try to get on to Maine Calling (MPBN).   Jeff Dunn will see if the Board will attempt this.  If contacting them directly is not successful, NPR contact will help us. 

  5. Strengthen our chapter by volunteers offering to do the following:
    1. Manage the master list of business supporters of MAC Bruce offered to do this.  Thank you, Bruce.  Suggestion we donate $10- $20 each so our chapter can join the Ellsworth Chamber of Commerce.  Members please consider this and we will ‘pass round the hat’, next meeting, if we are in agreement. We need to raise $180.  What is the best way to approach businesses?  Bruce will develop a pitch to businesses.  Part of our next meeting will be a training session with the opportunity to role play.  Janine mentioned the campaign for Ranked Choice Voting used microbreweries to spread the word.  Jean made copies of business ‘sign up’ sheets.  Thanks, Jean.   Sam will make more copies.  Thanks to Sam, too.  Please submit completed business forms to Bruce.
    2. Publicity
      1. Newspapers
        1. Regular publicity director for presentations/house parties. Holly has done this in the past.  She is happy to continue.  Thank you, Holly.
        2. Any press releases sent out to chapters by the Board will be sent to the newspapers by Valerie.
        3. Anyone who is willing to write a letter to the editor in response to newspaper articles, this would be great.  Send these in directly, i.e. if you write an Op-ed, you also send it in.  The same applies if individuals write a press release, say about tabling at a Farmer’s Market or other activity.

Jeff Dunn explained that the Ellsworth American and the MDI Islander prefer not to run the same articles, so that people will buy both papers.

As a chapter we should invite someone from each paper to attend one of our meetings so that we have a ‘personal contact’.  Bruce will contact Jack Dobson from EA.


Discussion re poor turnout at two of our presentations.  Ideas?

  • Better publicity?
  • Have a friend invite a friend?
  • What is the best day for events? (perhaps not Friday)
  • What is the best time?
  • Speak to ready-made audiences, e.g. The Elks Club?
  • We may be moving into areas where there are not so many already ‘in the choir’…. new messaging ??


Upcoming Events

Our chapter is presenting at College of the Atlantic  (COA) on Tuesday April 24 at 4:10 in the McCormick Hall.  Panelists will be Joe Lendvai, Lynn Cheney and Bruce Becque.  It is open to the public.  Members please come and show support for MAC, and bring a friend!  We will be showing Fix It.  Thank you, Burt for making the contact!

Tabling at the Congressional Candidates Forum, May 12, 2 pm, Moore Center, Ellsworth.  Chapter members needed to help tabling;  please come to help with yellow cards.

Belfast Chapter is holding a very creative event in May.  The Belfast Bay Fiddlers are performing at Maine AllCare’s Waldo County Chapter spring launch party on Saturday, May 12 from 6 to 9 pm at the Belfast Boathouse. etc  Read details on maineallcare.org for this wonderfully creative celebration event including music, food, film, jeopardy with questions about healthcare; door prizes donated by local businesses, and more.

Tabling at the Primary Polls in June

Message from the Board:

Can you see if you can be at the polling places for the June 12 voting with a table/yellow cards?  You would need the approval from the warden/town clerk.  Before our June 9th meeting, please contact your town clerk.


In lieu of our May meeting, we will be tabling at the Congressional Candidates Forum, May 12th, 2pm at the Moore Center.

Our regular monthly meetings, the second Saturday of the month, 3:30-5pm, at the Beth Wright Cancer Resource Center in Ellsworth, will resume on June 9th.  Please come a few minutes early to get a coffee/get settled, so we can start the meeting at 3:30.

———— Fin ————