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Phil Caper

Dr. Phil Caper
Founding board member of Maine AllCare

For the past six years, I and a handful of Maine volunteers have been donating our time, efforts and treasure to Maine AllCare, a non-profit organization, that is unique in Maine in its commitment to bringing real structural healthcare reform to Maine and the rest of the United States.

During the past 15 years, we have witnessed the coming—and going—of "Dirigo", an unsuccessful effort to "reform" the Maine healthcare system by tinkering around the edges of our existing insurance-based for profit system of health insurance. We have also witnessed the coming—and now going—of the Affordable Care Act, a national system based on propping up and augmenting the commercial insurance system and the for-profit system of health care delivery. Even most of the non-profit co-ops established by the ACA, have gone belly-up. Maine's co-op's future is tenuous.

The most obvious beneficiaries of the ACA have been health insurance, pharmaceutical and medical device corporations, (whose market caps have risen sharply since the laws's enactment), and corporate hospital systems. The losers have been the public, with steadily rising insurance premiums and out-of-pocket costs coupled with shrinking coverage despite a rise in the number of people covered - by lousy and unstable insurance - and doctors and other caregivers, who are being crushed by the new administrative burdens created by the ACA.

With the election of Donald Trump and a Congress dominated by a Republican party committed to repealing the ACA (to be replaced by we know not what), the ACA is likely to be changed beyond recognition. Most of the ideas now being floated by Republican health policy wonks have failed in the past. Even Medicare, one of the most successful and popular federal programs ever created, is now under threat despite its 50 year track record of bi-partisan support. Read More

About Maine AllCare

Maine AllCare is dedicated to the goal of achieving universal, high quality and affordable health care for the people of Maine. We are non-partisan and non-profit, committed to educating the Maine public and policymakers, including legislators, about how to improve upon the new federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) in order to make health care here in Maine universally accessible and affordable for all.

Our Vision for the future of health care in Maine

  • All Mainers should have access to affordable and appropriate health care and its supporting social and community services -- everybody in, nobody out.
  • No Mainer is in danger of financial ruin because of health care costs, is locked into a job solely because it provides health insurance, is faced with stagnant or declining wages due to the rising costs of health care, or has their insurance cancelled when they become sick.
  • No Maine employer is faced with out of control health care costs, putting them at a competitive disadvantage relative to their domestic and international competitors.
  • Maine doctors will no longer have their clinical judgment second-guessed by insurance company bureaucrats. Medical practice will be decided by health care givers and patients, and will return to being driven by mission, not money.
  • Maine patients will no longer have to wonder whether their doctor's treatment decisions are driven by their health needs or their insurance coverage.
  • Maine hospital leaders will be free to offer services determined by the needs of their community, not their need or desire to generate revenue.
  • The legislature will no longer have to watch rising Maincare and public employee health care costs steadily erode its ability to address other critical priorities.