January 18 2018 Ellsworth/MDI Minutes

Maine AllCare Ellsworth/MDI Chapter

1/18/18 meeting Minutes

Town Hall, Ellsworth

Attending:  Holly Duesenberry, Bruce Becque, Valerie Dornan, Sam Bergman, Susanne Forest, Bryan Athorp, Marleen Athorp, Jean Rohrer, Burt Wartell

Minutes: 3:30-5pm

INTRODUCTIONS Bruce gave overview of MAC this past year.  Board wants to hire an Executive Director in 2018.  Legislative Task Force created thanks to MAC efforts; to study feasibility of Universal Health Care in Maine. Our chapter has been putting on House Parties.  Number of chapters has gone from 3 to 10 in 2017.

Follow up/To do:

What will get done? By who? By when? Notes: Status:
Sullivan House Party   2/12  6-8pm

Rec Center

Chapter members please come at 5:30pm

Panel members: Bruce, Sam Bergman

Tom Adams?


Same food as for UUC


Holly publicity

Bruce FaceBook

Holly liaise with Christina at library

Valerie will do AV.

Bernie Sanders Town Hall 1/23 Burt Wartell, Susanne Forest, Valerie Dornan and Jean Rohrer can go, Burt will ask Nadine if this can still happen at Beth Wright.

23 Commerce Park

UUC House Party 1/26 6pm

Turn up at 5:30pm.

Susanne is contact for UUC.     Publicity is done.  Holly has done BDN.  Church member has done the rest.

Bruce gave out flyers for distribution. Karen at Church is hosting us and will make coffee.

Valerie will meet with AV person.

Valerie Cider

Holly Cider

Jean money for cheese and crackers

Bruce Brownies

Sam  ?

Carol Dessert bread

Burt Fruit


Recruiting and Raising Money We may learn about this at Blue Hill meeting
Attend Blue Hill Chapter Meeting 4pm 1/21 Jean, Bruce and Valerie

car pool will report back to chapter.

Make our meeting regular on 3rd Thursday of month OK
Attend Legislative Health Care Task

Force Meeting Jan 22, 9:30- 4pm

Burt Wartell can go after 10am Valerie can go if numbers are needed to be made up but can’t leave until 12:30
Forum of gubernatorial candidates AFL-CIO, MAC and Maine State Nursing association 2/1. bruce will send out information by email.
Rotary House Party 2/20 6pm Bruce will find out about this.

Next scheduled meeting:   Feb 15, 3:30-5pm Ellsworth City Hall, Council Chambers, 1 City Hall Plaza, Ellsworth.

Meeting adjourned 5pm